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What do you get when you pair of one of the most critically acclaimed African American producers with the most controversial yet iconic athlete of the modern era? Still thinking? Well think no more! Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth is a Broadway collaboration that teams up the former heavy weight boxing champion Mike Tyson with Oscar winner Spike Lee. Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth tickets take you to a show that was on the card for many years. Finally it has become a reality, and furthermore, is a runaway success!

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About Mike Tyson Undisputed Truth

Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth lets Tyson’s fans join him on an incredible journey through his life and times. The show goes where no other documentary, book or article has gone before. That is inside the mind and thoughts of the famous boxer himself. Structured as a one man show, Mike walks us through his thoughts and impressions form various chapters of his colorful life.  In effect Tyson gives his side of the story that has been projected to be skewed due to the media hype. However, he just doesn’t stop at that and decided to make it even with a public appearance. Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth tickets present Tyson to the people, live and in person. Here he is seen talking about and commenting on anything that comes to his mind, from his relationships with his growing children to trends in popular culture.
The show Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth has been penned down by Mike Tyson’s current wife Kiki. The show starts off as with Mike seated on a stool at the center of the stage, dressed in a dark suit. However, he shrugs off any gloom and apprehension from the atmosphere and starts telling everything about his past and present. He does that by assuring the audience that he does not intend to keep any of their ears as an after show trophy. Mike tells how aggressive he was as a young and teenager, growing up in a tough Brooklyn neighborhood. He also talks about his frequent brushes with the law and how turning to boxing saved him from a seemingly certain life of crime. Though he claims to have mellowed down with time, the Tyson of old times makes breaks through. It is interesting to see that he has nothing but unkind works for his x-wife Robin.
So you may ask what is this show about and why should you see it?  The show is about the life of a misunderstood genius who has made some song choices along the way. The show is about allowing a former champion lay down his side of the story of his life. Something that he thinks has often been generalized by the media unfairly. Most important of all, it is a chance for an imperfect human being to try and put his messy past behind him; and take a shot at getting the best out of what is left of it. The strongest proof of this is towards the end of the show where Tyson tears down his emotional guard. Here he is seen talks about his struggle to be a better parent and the passing away of his young daughter.
Although the show is structured as a monologue, it is brilliantly delivered. The audience will find an awesome attention to detail for the show’s visual elements as well as the soundtrack are arranged. Before the show a special atmosphere is created; audiences are fed with an awesome set of songs from the eighties and nineties, mostly by African American legends like Michal Jackson. The stage is setup includes posters and banners reminiscent of the Brooklyn street culture. As Mike walks through various topics, multi-media screen comes alive with short movies and photographs related to the stuff that Tyson is talking about. Another highlight of the show is Spike Lee (overlord), who has done an incredible job by making a monologue dramatic. He does that by introducing awesome lighting and sounds at just the right times. This makes the whole experience more relevant and enjoyable.
Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth show invites you to experience the life of extraordinary people like Tyson. The show presents a great night out with a great sports star, celebrity and a hero who comes down to the public and discusses his real life with. The tickets for this show are the hottest buys of this season and are selling really fast. If you start looking early, you might get lucky and even find cheap Undisputed Truth tickets.  In case you do, book them ASAP.

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