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Fri09 May 207003:30:AM The Magnolia Performing Arts Center,El Cajon,CAMariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan
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Mariachi Vergas de Tecalitlan is a folk group that plays mariachi music, formed by Gasper Vargas in 1897. Mariachi, a music genre that initially began in Mexico, basically presents an assimilation of stringed instruments majorly influenced by the artistic and cultural heritage resulting from historical developments in Western Mexico. Since 1950, the ensemble has been performing under the lead of Mexican composer and classical violinist, Ruben Fuentes.  Fuentes has gained much prominence with respect to his Mariachi music contributions since the man has been a part of Vargas de Tecalitlan from as early as 1944, when he first joined as a violinist and later became a music arranger, and has maintained his position as a director and producer. Since 1975, however, musical direction has also been under Don Jose Martinez. The distinct sound of the mariachi group has brought much attention to Mariachi Vergas de Tecalitlan tickets, which have established their reputation in providing high-end cultural exposure.

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About Mariachi Vargas De Tecalitlan

A mariachi band requires a minimum of two trumpets, two violins, one guitarron, one vihuela and one guitar. A complete ensemble further requires at least twelve members with six on violins, three on trumpets and one each on guitar, guitarron and vihuela.  Mariachi Vergas de Tecalitlan currently comprises of thirteen members where the additional member often plays a violin, guitar or an extra harp. Mariachi musicians have mostly leaned towards percussion instruments, wind and brass, while also being influenced by a wide range of regional tunes. The distinct quality of Mariachi, which makes it so important to the understanding of Mexican music, is that its roots lie in the colonial period, it further developed in postcolonial times, reached its potential in the national era, thus leaving an indelible impact on contemporary times.
The history of Mariachi Vergas de Tecalitlan is divided into five phases, or rather across five generations. The group was created in Tecalitlan, a small city located on the south of Jalisco, by Don Gaspar Vargas in 1897. Through its initial years, the instrument called guitarra de golpe was performed by Don Gaspar, two violins by Refugio Hernandez and Lino Quintero, and a wooden harp was played y Manuel Mendoza. These instruments made a unique sound, leading to the establishment of Sonida Tecalitlan as opposed to the Sonida Cocula. Gasper, in 1913, added a trumpet to the ensemble, which was not considered suitable owing to its high-pitched sounds, so it was removed. After that a violin was added in place of a cornet, so that now the band’s sound depended on five main elements. Gaspar’s son Silvestre joined in 1921 as a violinist, so that beginning from 1926 the ensemble comprised of Gaspar Vargas, Manuel Mendoza, Nicolas Torres and Trinidad Olvera.This time period is marked as the first generation, with the second period beginning in 1931 when Gaspar handed the group’s leadership ot his son. From there on the group has continued through four generation till 2003 when the fifth generation took over.

Mariachi Vergas de Tecalitlan has won a series of awards and honors through its historic journey. In 1933 and 1934, the group came first in Mariachi music competitions held in Guadalajara and Mexico, respectively. The ensemble gained national recognition when President Lazaro Cardenas hired it as Mexico City Police Department’s official mariachi, so that the musicians relocated to the city of Mexico where they performed for the next twenty years.  In 1937, the group appeared in its first motion picture called Asi es mi Tierra, following which it has made over two hundred such pictures till now. The group performed in several Pedro Infante films as well.  

Some of the most recent recordings by Mariachi Vergas de Tecalitlan include Sinfonica I, 5ta Generacion, and Sinfonico II.  Today the ensemble applies two harps, six violins, three trumpets, and one guitar, vihuela, and guitarron each.The group celebrated is One Hundred years in 1997. Give yourself a high culture treat by getting cheap Mariachi Vergas de Tecalitlan tickets, and listening to the only one of its kind music that promises to enrich you with its dense historical and cultural elements.

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As of 08/07/2020 the average Mariachi Vargas De Tecalitlan tickets will cost you $251 for the event being held on 09/05/2070 at The Magnolia Performing Arts Center, El Cajon. The minimum get in price is $203 at The Magnolia Performing Arts Center.

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Mariachi Vargas de TecalitlanEl CajonThe Magnolia Performing Arts Center9-May-70$251$203