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While the theater world was still reveling in the brilliance of the extraordinary show De La Guarda, the creators brought out Fuerza Bruta Look Up – a show which is a non-stop extravaganza of energetic music, visceral engagement and out-of-this-world aerial stunts. The visual effects are such which must be seen to be believed. This wonderful theatrical experience is just a few Fuerza Bruta Look Up tickets away.

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As an audience, you are not required to feel or think anything, the show itself engages the senses; ears hooked to the upbeat music, eyes glued to the extraordinary feats and mind completely blown away. The man behind this mind-blowing theater extravaganza is Diqui James who gathered a crew of brilliant people and finally the show came out in Buenos Aires in 2005. A production as brilliant as Fuerza Bruta could not possibly stay within the confines of only one place. Word got out and it became a hit Broadway show in 2007, providing New Yorkers with this outstanding entertainment opportunity until the show scheduled to close down in November 2012. It has also traveled to other places including Cordoba, Tel Aviv, Lisbon, Berlin, Madrid and London; gaining praises all the way. Working under their motto of “Brutally Happy”,
Fuerza Bruta Look Up is not only about acts on the stage but is a 360 degree theater experience with feats literally all around. And the best part, audience just doesn’t stand and gape; they are taken along with the performances and an air of performer-public interaction is created. People who are on the dark side of the 30 and who wish they still be clubbing and be the same over-stimulated college going lads will take delight in being thrown into acrid smoke, bedazzled by brilliant lights and made wet in public; people who are the club-going, over-energized young ones will find the show to be exactly their type. Some lucky ones will also be subjected to a pizza box filled with confetti smashed over their heads.  
People who come to watch Fuerza Bruta Look Up witnesses, among other so many wonderful acts, a man running with full speed into moving walls one after the other, smashing them; women floating over their heads, frolicking and doing feats in the water making it look all so easy where in fact it is a work of highly skilled professionals. The true enjoyment of the show comes when you are bathed in the powerful thumping beats of techno music presented by Gaby Kerpel.  
The category of Fuerza Bruta Look Up, just like the previous show De La Guarda, can best be described as a show which is for people who like theater but doesn’t really like it. Its genre can also be regarded as the one running along the pattern of shows like Blue Man Group or Stomp but what makes it stand out is the part that audience also gets to be part of all the fun and not just sit around until the curtains are drawn. One you are in the show, there is no resisting letting go of your senses and falling into the impressive feats happening all around you. Then may it be a huge pool that descends from above and have frisky women splash and slide in it or a man in a white suit walking and then breaking into a run on a treadmill, shot down, eventually getting up and running past all the obstacles thrown in his way, everything will make sense and each bit will be more entrancing than the last.
Since 2007 when the show made it to Broadway, over 500,000 people have seen it, many of whom enjoyed it with cheap Fuerza Bruta Look Up tickets and many who doesn’t even have a second thought when it comes to going to the show as it always look novel no matter how many times one watches it.

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