Blue Man Group Anchorage Tickets

Blue Man Group Anchorage Tickets
When it comes to the world of musicals, there is no other musical more unique, more creative and more ‘stand out’ that the Blue Man Group. And this musical is coming to Anchorage. As such, if you are at Anchorage or going to be at Anchorage or don’t mind making that trip to Anchorage, make sure that you purchase Blue Man Group Anchorage tickets now since there is a high chance that tickets to such a popular musical/theatrical performance are bound to sell out fast. Blue Man Group is just that – a group of anonymous, blue men with blue skin who can’t speak, and are without both hair and ears. These ‘Blue Men’ then perform hilarious acts on stage as well as play an unusual form of instrumental music with such instruments as fiddles – so much so that it is actually a requirement for anyone wishing to join the group.

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About Blue Man Group Anchorage Tickets

Blue Man Group was initially created by Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton a good number of years back – the trio has now moved towards managing the Blue Man Group and its various theatrical performances, music concerts, comedy skits, recorded music for both movies and TV shows as well as appearances on various TV shows such as Arrested Development, Scrubs and The Tonight Show. Performances from this group of blue men take place all over the world – with the lineup changing contninously; this has no effect on the performance since the blue men are ‘anonymous’ and it is in fact a requirement of the performance that helps keep the act both fresh and up to date.

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