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Inspired by the story of the legendary hero, Sigurd, in Norse Mythology, Siegfried is third among the four operas that constitute The Ring of the Nibelung. It premiered in 1876 and since then is ranked among the top theatrical events. In all these decades, the opera has been loved by audiences worldwide, not only for its story but also the incredible music by Richard Wagner. Siegfried tickets will buy you a complete package of entertainment full of drama, humor and emotions.

About Siegfried

Siegfried is a story of a fearless young hero who struggles through life to discover his destiny. The story opens narrating the background of the young boy. His parents Siegmund and Sieglinde passed away soon after he was born and he was taken into the custody of Alberich’s brother, Mime. Siegfried was raised amidst Mime’s greedy and evil intentions to get the gold his father had left for him. The gold was with a dragon that could only be fought with his father’s sword, which was broken. Mime needed Siegfried’s help in getting it fixed and ultimately for getting his hands on the gold. Siegfried melted the pieces and made the sword again. Meanwhile an old man Wotan is introduced in the story as a wanderer who asks three questions from Mime. Wotan’s emergence is no less than a mystery to him and he answers all the questions to get rid of the unwelcomed guest. Mime was not a man with good intentions. His ultimate plan was to obtain the gold and later kill Siegfried.Mime and Wotan warn the dragon that he will soon be killed so it should hand over the gold to them and they will not kill it but the dragon does not pay heed to whatever they say and sleeps in ignorance. Siegfried appears, fights the dragon and gets the gold. Not only this, after killing the dragon, he gets the magical powers to comprehend the singing bird’s message. He gets to know of all the evil intentions. What do you think he will do? Betray the person who raised him all these years? The action in the play begins with fighting the Fafner and continues till the end of the play. Siegfried is guided by the bird to the lovely Burnhilde after the battle with the dragon. Will he travel all the way just to awake her or the possession or gold will satisfy him?

Siegfried entertains the audiences with a story full of action and lots of drama. It portrays the reality of life telling how greed for money can entice even blood relations. It also showcases the extreme of revenge that doesn’t pay regard to any relation. The opera takes a turn towards romance and emotions as the ending nears with the introduction of Burnhilde. The events ranging from the start of the play till the end keep the audiences glued to their seats. The opera has a component of magic in it as well which is evident when Siegfried gains supernatural power. So the story is an interesting mesh of reality and fairytale. Siegfried 2017 tickets for the brand new production are among the hottest commodities at the moment. Also with the availability of cheap Siegfried tickets the demand is on the rise.

The story of Siegfried has been appreciated across generations. It has travelled through 1876 and exists to date. For years now it has maintained its credibility for being a quality show with an exceptionally talented cast. Also, the show has been appreciated in the past for its great stage design. So find out if the trends are maintained this year as well! Hurry and get your Siegfried tickets right away!

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