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Satyagraha is a phenomenal opera, one of the greatest works of legendary classical composer, Philip Grass. It is one amongst his many composed operas and considered as one of his finest works to date. Satyagraha stands for insistence on truth and is an opera made up of three different acts for the soloist, the chorus and the orchestra. The libretto is also written by Philip Glass assisted by Constance de Jong. It is one of the several operas by Philip Glass that fall under his Potrait Trilogy which focuses on the life of famous men who changed the world. Alongside Satyagraha, Akhnaten and Einstein on the Beach are the two other operas making up this trilogy on men who changed the world. Satyagraha is based upon one of the greatest political and humanitarian figures today, Mohandas K. Gandhi who initiated a global movement that holds strong today.

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This incredible opera, a one of a kind by a master composer, is based upon Mohandas K. Gandhi and can thus be considered a sort of tribute to the man who changed the world. Although this opera is labeled as minimalist, its music is hardly so; it is instead very rich and diverse, causing various emotions. The cast behind the opera is large and consists of two sopranos, two mezzo-sopranos, two tenors, one baritone, two basses and a big SATB chorus. The name itself is a reference to the basic Gandhi principle of non violent resistance, the basis for pacifist and peace movements worldwide. Satyagraha also includes pieces in Sanskrit from the Bhagavad Gita, making it even richer and reflective of Gandhi. Debuted in 1980, Satyagraha is today one of the most popular operas in its genres and a must see for fans of Gandhi, peace and quality opera via Satyagraha Tickets.

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