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Rigoletto is one of the most performed operas in the world, ranked at the 10th position on the Operabase. Based on the play by Victor Hugo, it is given the shape of opera by Giuseppe Verdi. The interesting story beautifully transformed into an opera is considered among the masterpieces of Verdi’s career. The opera was first staged in 1855 and since then is played on huge audiences demand each year in popular theatres. Rigoletto Toronto show follows this glorious tradition and is being staged at a well known theatre in your town this year.

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Rigoletto is a story of a royal jester played by Roberto Servile. He is a man with strong passions but has a comic personality. The light mode of the story soon takes a different route when Rigoletto finds his beloved daughter Glida being bedded by the womanizer Duke. He becomes enraged and gets extremely reactive. His anger makes him hire a killer, Sparafucile to take revenge for his daughter but the bid leads to an unexpected turn in the story.

Rigoletto is a tale full of surprises. The events in the story take unusual twists and lead to unexpected happenings in the story. The evilness of the characters along with the elements of comedy and romance make the opera truly entertaining. Rigoletto Toronto show comprises of a talented cast. The incredible acting along with melodious music makes it an unforgettable experience. So if you have missed out on the opera in the past years, this is a golden opportunity for you! Rigoletto Toronto show is just around the corner! Hurry and get your Rigoletto Toronto tickets as soon as you can!


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