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Pagliacci is a neat blend of opera, theater, comedy and satire. If you love classics and any or all of the genres mentioned here, then purchasing Pagliacci tickets is a must for you!

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Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Pagliacci & Gianni Schicchi Capitol Theatre - UT Salt Lake City Saturday
3/10/2018 7:30 PM
Pagliacci & Gianni Schicchi Capitol Theatre - UT Salt Lake City Monday
3/12/2018 7:30 PM
Pagliacci & Gianni Schicchi Capitol Theatre - UT Salt Lake City Wednesday
3/14/2018 7:30 PM
Pagliacci & Gianni Schicchi Capitol Theatre - UT Salt Lake City Friday
3/16/2018 7:30 PM
Pagliacci & Gianni Schicchi Capitol Theatre - UT Salt Lake City Sunday
3/18/2018 2:00 PM

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About Pagliacci

Pagliacci in Italian means players or clowns. It is an opera that was written by one of the great Italian names in opera, Ruggero Leoncavallo, towards the end of the nineteenth century. He composed the music of the opera himself.  He wrote and composed a number of operas but Pagliacci remains his most famous and most frequently performed opera. It was first presented in May, 1892 at the Teatro Dal Verme in the city of Milan where it was conducted by Arturo Toscanini, the legendary Italian conductor known for his perfectionism, intensity and orchestral genius.
From its very first performance, Pagliacci took the world by storm. That same year, it was performed at the Royal Opera House in London, and in 1893, it made its way to theaters in New York. Since 1944, a norm has developed of presenting the opera in pairing with Cavalleria rusticana, an opera by Pietro Mascagni. This double bill is informally referred to as “Cav and Pag”. The reason for double billing is the general belief that Pagliacci was inspired by the success of Cavalleria rusticana. Up till now, the former has been performed more than seven hundred times. Its ever growing popularity has led the Operabase to place it at number 20 on the list of most frequently performed operas in the world. It is going to be performed soon this year. You can watch the performance with cheap Pagliacci tickets. If you have already watched it, then you won’t hesitate to buy the tickets and watch it the second time!
One of the main reasons which make Pagliacci so interesting is the storyline that offers various twists and turns. Its irony leaves the audience gripping the edges of their seats. It is a play within a play. It begins with Tonio, the fool, coming on to the stage in his commedia or masked character Toddeo and telling the audience that the play is about real humans. He reminds every one that actors are not without feelings. The first begins with a troupe of actors entering the village. They announce that they will perform the play called “The Torubles of Pagliaccio” right before sunset. The troupe consists of Canio, the lead actor, his wife Nedda, Tonio the fool, and another actor, Beppe. The villagers tease Canio regarding his wife’s affair with Tonio, but Canio takes it seriously and warns them that though he would play the role of a foolish husband in the play, in real life he will not put up with any man’s interest in his wife. Canio’s possessiveness puts Nedda in a dilemma as she already has a lover, Silvio. She decides to elope with Silvio. Tonio whose advances Nedda rejects eavesdrops on the lovers and comes to know of the elopement. He informs Canio of Nedda’s plans. Enraged, Canio demands to know the name of the lover but Nedda refuses to tell him. Beppe diffuses the atmosphere by suggesting that the lover would give himself away during the play so Canio must bide his time and prepare for the play.
In the second act of Pagliacci, the play within the play begins. Nedda appears as her character Colombina and Canio as Pagliacci. Pagliacci goes away leaving Colombina alone. While she is waiting for Arlecchino, her lover, Taddeo appears on the scene. He confesses his love to Colombina and she rejects him. She invites her lover instead. They decide to elope. Pagliacci returns and gets to know about her unfaithfulness. At this point, the play merges with the actors’ real life situation. Canio forgets he is acting and shows his real feelings. He stabs his wife in jealousy and anger. Silvio the lover who is sitting among the audience jumps onto the stage to help Nedda. Silvio is also stabbed to death by Canio.
This unconventional storyline is accompanied by amazing music. One of its most popular numbers is "Recitar! ... Vesti la giubba" which literally means: “To perform! ... Put on the costume”, but it is more well-known as “On with the motley” in English. Listen to it and lot more with your Pagliacci tickets!

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