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Opera can be very entertaining and exciting. It is a treat for all the true art and music lovers. It is an art form in which there is music, singing and dance along with strong dialogues delivered in a theatrical setting. Opera is an incorporation of variety of talents; the whole package is extremely engaging and compelling. You would certainly don’t want to miss the opportunity of seeing this amazing opera, so grab your Otello tickets now. Othello was undoubtedly Shakespeare’s masterpiece which is being performed with the most talented cast to amaze you.

About Metropolitan Opera Otello Tickets

The amazing opera of Otello will be performed twice with two different famous and amazing casts. The very talented cast of the first season is Johan Botha who is performing the main role along with soprano Renee Fleming who is the famous Desdemona star, Falk Struckman who is performing the role of lago and Semyon Bychkov. In the second season the main roles will be performed by Jose Cura, Krassimira Stoyanove and Thomas Hampson.
Opera originally is a part of Italian classical music tradition. Otello is a famous opera which is based on four amazing act. This opera is based on the popular play of Shakespeare which was Verdi’s second to last opera. It was performed on February 5 in 1887 in the beautiful city of Milan at Teatro alla Scalla. Verdi delivered his eminent opera Aida in 1871 and decided that it was time for retirement and ending his successful career as an opera composer. Verdi was undoubtedly the most prominent, wealthy and celebrated opera composer of Italy. His work was loved and cherished by his audience. This famous opera was composed by Verdi, based on Shakespeare’s play.
The Italian public got very eager and excited about the news of upcoming opera that was going to be composed by Verdi. There was a rumor that this would be one of the last operas composed by Verdi, this was the reason why there was more hype and anticipation in the art lovers. On the other side the most prominent singers, conductors and operation house managers in Europe tried to contest for the opportunity to play the premiere of this famous opera. Although it was already decided that the premiere of this opera will be held by Faccio and La Scala, Milan still the other conductors did not stop struggling and wanted to avail the opportunity of conducting this opera which was exhilarating the audience.
The leading roles for the play were nominated as well. The two lucky male performers which were selected for this role were Italy’s primary actors; in order to sing Othello Francesco Tamagno was selected and the most followed French singing actor Victor Maurel was appointed to perform the villainous role of lago. For Desdemona’s soparano part a renowned singing actress Romilda Pantaleoni was elected. The opera was completed and the preparations of the very first performance were conducted in complete secrecacy. Verdi had demanded secrecy otherwise he threatened to cancel the premiere of the opera. As was expected the premiere of the most awaited opera turned out to be a huge success. The audience highly appreciated Verdi’s work and their appreciation was shown by the 20 curtain calls which he r eceived at the end of the opera. This play was then staged in the most famous and leading theatres of Europe and America.
The four acts show different places of history depicting their culture and beauty. The first act shows the time of 1400 and the marvelous coastal city which is based on the island of Cyprus. The second act of this opera shows the setting of an inside of a castle which is a chamber next to a garden. The third act of the opera is inside the great hall of a magnificent castle, in this act there is also an amazing performance of ballet and the very last act of the opera is performed in the setting of Desdemona’s chamber. All the four acts are engaging and will surely leave you charged up. The opera promises you amazing dialogues, singing and dance. This opera will be something which you have never seen before.
History proves that the response of the audience to this opera has always been overwhelming. Thus it is an opera which one cannot afford to miss. Othello promises you the most entertaining 3 hours of your life. Interested in making your day memorable then do not waste your time and get your Otello tickets now which are available at your nearest. There are also cheap Otello tickets which you can enjoy in order to see this show.