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, a remarkable comic opera, is a renowned work by Arthur Sullivan with its libretto written by the renowned W. S. Gilbert. This fabulous and highly hilarious comic opera first came to fame back in 1878 at London’s Opera Comique. At its debut and onwards, it ran for a record five hundred and seventy one performances, the second longest ever for a theatrical piece in its time. This sensational piece of classical music combined with a hilarious outlook the likes of which few comic operas have managed today is definitely something sensational. In a short time, this comic opera had become an international hit and become popular in all parts of the world where opera reigned. Thus, for one of the best comic operas ever, simply get hold of HMS Pinafore tickets.

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HMS Pinafore is also referred to as The Lass That Loved a Sailor. It is the fourth comic opera that was the work of the heavily famous duo, W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan and pretty much one of their greatest works ever. It is also one of the greatest comic operas to have ever seen a performance to date, an opera that has made a mark on this world as something very unique and totally amusing. This amusing piece of music also stands out as music and has done so for a very long time. The story of this comic opera is also something special and takes place in its time, on a ship, a romantic tale the likes of which has never been heard.
The story of this comic opera, HMS Pinafore, takes place on a ship that is named as the H. M. S. Pinafore and is pretty much a run of the mill story as far as romantic stories of that Victorian age run. This story is like many that took place then; a boy or a girl from a family with a higher status or station in life falls in love with someone who is lower in station compared to them, even someone who was regarded as being a peasant back then. However, their parents have decided that they are to marry someone of a similar or higher station than them and so a battle for love begins. But this is where HMS Pinafore starts to be different and shows why it has become one of the best comic operas ever.
HMS Pinafore’s story surrounds the daughter of the captain of this ship. He has apparently arranged for his daughter to wed the head of the admirals, the First Lord of the Admiralty. His daughter is, however, in love with another sailor, a lower class sailor, but she at first goes on with her father’s wishes and prepares to marry the First Lord of the Admiralty. However, the story changes in a very unusual manner; the daughter is spurred on by none other than her betrothed, the First Lord of the Admiralty, who advocates equality amongst human being and encourages the Captain’s daughter to go against convention and marry the one she loves.
From then on, the story gets more exciting once the captain of HMS Pinafore learns about this and this couple starts making plans to go against what the captain has planned. Like all other operas by the Sullivan and Gilbert duo, this opera also has a very dramatic part of the story near the end and comes with a lot of surprises, always holding the audience in suspense. Not only is the captain’s daughter’s story at the frontline, but so are many similar stories on this shop shown between people of different classes but who are in love with each other.
In fact, HMS Pinafore is a comic opera that makes fun of such social classes as well as the many lampoons in the class system in Britain at that time. The name itself is a joke of sorts; Pinafore is a garment for women and it is used as the symbol and named for a brutally big warship in the Royal Navy. It is influenced by the earlier Bab Ballad series of poems that were written by Gilbert and was followed by a number of other successful Sullivan and Gilbert works such as The Mikado and The Pirates of Penzance. All in all, for those immensely fond of operas, of classical music and of a good laugh, HMS Pinafore is the excellent combination of opera, classical music and comedy and definitely a must see through HMS Pinafore tickets.
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