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I Forgive You Ronald Regan tickets offer a wonderful Off Broadway experience with another thrilling play by John S. Anastasi. Anastasi is a member of the American Dramatist Guild. As a Playwright was presented works like In My Father's Eyes, winner of the New York Fringe Festival for summer 2003. His plays are known for drama and intensity which are abundant in plays like Stolen Lives and Pied Tree. Both these plays became very famous in the critic’s circle and were praised thoroughly for their storyline and emotional intelligence.  I Forgive You, Ronald Reagan is similar to his previous works. It is a full length emotional drama that leaves a lot of food for thought. This summer you will get to see a limited Off-Broadway run of the play. You may not get a chance to watch it again.  So it is advised to book tickets soon.

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About I Forgive You Ronald Reagan

Scheduled for the Theatre Row at the Samuel Beckett Theatre, I Forgive You, Ronald Reagan will make a premier between the summer and fall this year. Directed by Charles Abbot and Gwen Arment the play is produced by. Shirley Pechter of the BareBones Theater Company and the Broadway Bound Productions Inc. The production has been sponsored by John Howard Swain, M&T Bank and Mid Life Crisis Production. The proceedings from the show will benefit the cause of Altonna Mirror Season of Sharing.
The star cast of the show include names like PJ Benjamin playing the main lead Ray Deluso. He is paired with award winning star Patricia Richardson and Robert Emmet Lunney, Catherine Marotta, Danielle Faitelson and Daren Kelly. It will be featuring guest performances by Bradlee Bing alongside ACT actors Cathy Anastasi, Brian Anderson and Courtney Sherkel. The artistic team of I Forgive You, Ronald Reagan has many talents on board including Craig Napoliello for set and scenic design, Kristy Leigh Hall for costume design) Jeffrey Koger for lighting design and Jason Crystal (sound design) and David Bengali (projection design). Christine Catti is the Stage Manager for this production. The cast, creative team and the directors have worked together to create this spectacular play.
The plot of the story presents Deluso a vet Vietnam War, now working as an air traffic person. He finds himself in fix and is surprised to be in a situation where his past meets his present. As Deluso knows and carried out this job really well. However, his real life is really troubled due to a rebellious mindset and aggressive attitude. These problems led him to make an outrageous political decision in his youth, pushing him into an unfulfilling life in the present. The title of the play is directly related to Deluso’ the decision he made in the past. Although against the wishes of President Ronald Regan, he believed it to be the most favorable for his country’s interests. However, as a post war veteran he realizes that the decision was wrong and affected his personal life badly. It took away friends and made him a recluse learning to deal with regret and fear. In the wake of all this he will have to forgive himself and others and lead a normal life.
Living with pride and feeling of anger and at times guilt, he becomes obsessed with the idea safeguarding his most prized possessions. His daughter and wife become the main concerns of his life turning into an obsession that troubles Ray when he has to let go of them. Would he be able to deal with detachment, giving and getting forgiveness?  Watch the drama unfold in I Forgive You Ronal Regan. Charles Abbott is an award winning director whose long term experience at the Maine State Music Theatre  and the Alliance Theatre , the Walnut Street Theatre has brought plays like Yeston/Kopit’s Phantom!, Follies, Nuts, and t A…My Name is Alice, Two Gentlemen of Verona, Marat/DeSade, Blood Red Roses , Deathtrap and Witness for the Prosecution. In I Forgive You, Ronald Reagan,  he has used  PJ Benjamin’s  long term association with Broadway’s Wicked and Damn Yankees and Patricia Richardson’s Home Improvement experience to liven up the passion of love in the middle of life-altering events.
This year’s summer-fall might be the only chance to watch this play. So if you want a little extra drama and emotion in theater buy cheap I Forgive You Ronal Regan tickets. They are the best deals for this show so make sure that you don’t miss out on them.

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