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The award winning director and writer David E. Talbert is coming up with the most anticipated play of the year, What My Husband Doesn’t Know. Talbert is known in the world of entertainment for coming up with outstanding plays like The Fabric of a Man and Love in the Nick of Tyme.  His groundbreaking accomplishments in theatre describe him with titles such as an ‘impresario’ by Los Angeles Times and ‘wunderkid’ by the Washington post. What My Husband Doesn’t Know is Talbert’s 13th theatrical production and brings to life a mesmerizing tale of love, lust, lies and temptations.

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About What My Husband Doesnt Know

Talbert has imagined the story of What My Husband Doesn’t Know keeping in view human behavior and the society they live in. The play is centered on the married life of Lena Summer. This young lady has a spouse that every woman dreams of. Perfect in every way, he is rich, successful and financially settled. Lena has every luxury in her life. Her way of living is envied by her friends who just have the outer picture of everything. According to the norms and trends of the society Lena is happy, but that reality is actually quite different. As the play proceeds, harsh realities of leading a luxurious life come into the lime light. Lena’s husband in order to get all luxuries has forgotten about his family. He is often occupied with work because of which his wife Lena suffers. Lena despite of having everything is not happy at heart. These materialistic things can’t take the place of emotions in any case. The story takes a twist with the introduction of a handsome young foreman. This changes the moods of the play. As Lena gets to know him, she starts feeling her emotions. She finds herself getting back to life. The guy takes projects around her home and they get a chance to see each other every day. Friendship soon changes into an affair and leads to fatal consequences.
What My Husband Doesn’t Know is a beautiful blend of comedy and thrilling drama. It is a real eye opener for all the affluent people in our society who have somehow forgotten their family lives. Prioritizing work can win you every material thing in this world but can never succeed in getting the emotional satisfaction. It dramatically portrays the consequences of a ruined family life. The play includes an exceptionally talented cast including Michelle Williams as Lena Summer. She has been the lead actress of well known shows like The Color Purple and has won a number of awards in the categories of the ‘Best Actress’ and the likes. Apart from her, the role of husband is played by Brian White, who has also made his mark with shows like Stomp The Yard and Men of a Certain Age. With a strong lead, What My Husband Doesn’t Know is truly anticipated to be a hit.
Critics from around the world have lauded the play for its outstanding cast and real life story. The magic of the star cast together on the stage has won the play international acclaim and incredible recognition. What My Husband Doesn’t Know is all set to be staged once again! The stage has been designed and the costumes are ready. This play has a story people can actually relate to. It represents the current situation of society and reflects the thinking of this generation. What My Husband Doesn’t Know would actually be an eye opener for them, encouraging them to bring a change in their lives.  If you haven’t watched the show as yet then we have a great opportunity for you! What My Husband Doesn’t Know tickets are on sale already! Hurry and get them as early as you can!.

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