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What you should know about Tyler Perry’s Madea on the Run

Acclaimed playwright, filmmaker and actor, Tyler Perry is back with another Madea play that is sure to have audiences laughing with joy. This time Madea is on the run and this latest chapter has been playing at theaters since the start of 2015. Perry is credited with nearly twenty stage shows so far and almost as many movies so his experience in the field of entertainment is quite vast. Medea is one of his most loved creations and she has touched the hearts of thousands of audiences over the years with her honesty and humor. Here is a deeper look at Madea on the Run, but first a little about the popular Perry.

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About Tyler Perrys Madea On The Run

Introducing Tyler Perry

Named by Forbes as the highest-paid man in entertainment in 2011, Tyler Perry rose from modest beginnings to become one of the most recognized figures in the entertainment world. A multi-talented entertainer, Tyler kicked off his career with acclaimed musical “I Know I’ve Been Changed.” Though slow to gain any sort of recognition at the start, Tyler’s perseverance has paid off and he has never looked back.

Madea is born

The fiery, gun-toting, fast-talking, street-wise Grandma is the unique creation of Tyler Perry and the first of its kind. Medea first appeared in 2000 in Perry’s acclaimed stage work “I Can Do Bad All By Myself.” Since then she has continued to make appearances in several other chapters titled after her, like “Madea’s Family Reunion,” “Madea Goes to Jail,” “ Madea Gets a Job,” and many more. Perry’s latest original play “Madea on the Run” has been performing to sold out audiences throughout the States since the beginning of 2015.

What is Madea on the Run about?

The ole girl is in trouble with the authorities and is on the run from the law in Madea on the Run, Perry’s latest production in a long-list of side-splittingly humorous stage shows. Madea, whose actual name is Mabel Simmons, has no place to turn to except the home of her friend Bam where she volunteers to stay under the guise of looking after her friend who is recovering from a hip replacement surgery. Not knowing the real reason behind Madea’s magnanimity, Bam is just grateful that her faithful friend had decided to put her life on hold to nurse her back to health.

Madea is obviously only using her gag to hide-out from the police but eventually she starts making some “home improvements” to Bam’s place. Hilarious hi-jinks result and Madea’s presence at Bam’s place proves to be exactly what the doctor ordered. As the beloved granny works her family makeover magic, the arrangement turns out to be a beneficial one for both friends.

Cast members

Tyler Perry once again dons the persona of Medea brilliantly and is supported by Cassi Davis in the role of Aunt Bam. Other cast members include Tony Hightower, Rhonda Davis, Latoya London, Judith Franklin, Maurice Lauchner, and more.

Why you should not miss it

 Showcasing brand new music written by Tyler Perry, Madea on the Run delivers a fun-filled evening of theater. Audiences will be left with plenty of food for the soul in the form of life-lessons about friendship, personal reflection, marriage and overcoming difficulties. It’s a play designed to inspire as much as to make people laugh and is likely to leave you thinking.

Madea on the Run has been running to cities all over the country. On its upcoming tour, the production will honor plenty of big stages, including the Paramount Theater in Oakland, Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, Warner Theater in Washington DC and the Kimmel Center-Merriam Theater in Philadelphia. Get Medea on the Run tickets and find out for yourself why the show is gaining so much popularity across the country. 

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