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The acclaimed West End production, The Audience, is back on stage and continues to dazzle audiences. With some superb acting from an accomplished cast and an impeccable story by the legendary Peter Morgan, critics have been raving about this entertaining take on Queen Elizabeth’s private audience with her prime ministers over the years. A matter shrouded in mystery has been masterfully rendered by the exceptional directorial expertise of Stephen Daldry and the amazing acting acumen of the Oscar and Olivier Award winning actress, Helen Mirren, who reprises her role as Queen Elizabeth II. The Audience is a must-see play for all Broadway aficionados and Anglophiles and for new theater-goers.

About The Audience


The play revolves around the elusive English monarch, Queen Elizabeth II’s weekly private audience with her Prime Ministers. These meetings have been enveloped in great secrecy by the British monarchy and it is said that no one, except the two participants of this meeting, know what is discussed in these private audiences. Peter Morgan, however, dramatizes the story and tackles the aspect wonderfully in this acclaimed play, The Audience. For the full story you will need to grab The Audience tickets and watch the performance live.


The play goes back and forth over a period of sixty years giving the audience a rare, dramatized glimpse, into the history of her rule, her inner life and her dealings with her Prime Ministers. Helen Mirren plays her role with immense expertise, as is expected of this talented Golden Globe winning seasoned actress. In The Audience she reprises her role as Queen Elizabeth II, which won her numerous awards for the movie The Queen including the Academy Award for Best Actress. Her honest, respectful and somewhat witty portrayal of the Queen has won her, and the play, some tremendous reviews in various top newspapers and magazines. Critics cannot stop praising her for her wonderful acting in The Audience and the fans are overflowing with admiration for her entertaining performances.


Aside from Helen Mirren, the play has an accomplished cast including notable names like Geoffrey Beavers, Judith Ivery, Rufus Wright, Michael Elvin and Dylan Baker, among others. Bob Crowley has done a wonderful job taking care of the costumes and sets, while Ivana Primorac has expertly handled the makeup and wigs. Rick Fisher joins as lighting designer and Paul Ardetti manages the sound designing of the play. Vernon Bogdanor, Professor Emeritus of Government at Oxford has advised on the historical and political content of the play. The entire creative team as well as the cast seems to have put in their best efforts in making this play a success, and a roaring triumph it has been indeed in the world of theater. 


News sources have been full of effusive appreciation and glowing reviews for the performances of The Audience. New York Magazine calls it “dazzling fun”, Variety magazine proclaims it as “royally entertaining”, The Huffington Post appreciates its “impeccable cast” and Associated Press has pronounced it as a “splendid play”.  The Audience also received a five-star review in The Telegraph from acclaimed critic Charles Spencer.


The costumes, the drama, the music, set and storyline- every aspect has been rendered with such precise perfection that The Audience will keep the audience rooted in their seats for the entire, longer than two-hour play. If you haven’t seen the play yet, get The Audience tickets immediately and enjoy this immensely entertaining peek inside the walls of the Buckingham Palace as the Queen chats with the Downing Street incumbents from over the years.


Theater goers will get to see some rare glimpses of the real woman behind the crown as portrayed by Helen Mirren and get a good idea about the moments that shaped the current monarchy. Not to mention the wonderful exchanges as the female English monarch consoles, advises and sometimes even teases the range of Prime Ministers.