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Side Show Apprentice Program is a stunning theatrical production that has been performed by the prestigious Apprentice Program. The narrative of the production has been based on a fascinating true story. This moving description of the live of two conjoined twins who rose to become very famous stage performers during the Depression is a riveting event that will surely keep you engaged from the moment the curtain raises right till the time the show ends. If you are a fan of theatrical shows or would like to be a part of a spectacular entertaining event, then this is the best time for you to grab your Side Show Apprentice Program tickets and experience a dazzling and truly unforgettable event.

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About Side Show Apprentice Program

The story of the musical is based on Daisy and Violet Hilton who were real-life conjoined twins and became mega stars in the entertainment industry. Side Show is a an emotionally charged production that depicts the life of the two women who were joined at the hip and narrates their exceptional bond that brings them a lot of fame yet denies them love. Their story is mostly told in songs. The productions focuses on their life from England and then to the United States. Travelling around the famed vaudeville circuit and ultimately reaching to Hollywood on the occasion of their debut movie titled as Freaks that came out in 1932. The production of the musical that took place in 1998 was effectively given a nomination for four Tony Awards that also comprised of a combined “Best Actress in a Musical” nomination. That production starred Emily Skinner and Alice Ripley in the lead roles.
Side Show Apprentice Program a beautiful theatrical show has its book and lyrics written by Bill Russell while Henry Krieger has composed the music of the production. The two main characters of the show received fame in the 1930s when they were stage performers. The show originally opened on the Broadway on the 16th of October in 1997 and successfully ran for 91 shows at the esteemed Richard Rodgers Theatre. The production received a lot of critical acclaim. In the history of the Tony Awards, two actresses were nominated together for the “Best Actress in a Musical”. Ripley and Skinner also performed at the Tony Awards ceremony the year that they were nominated on one of the most popular musical scores of the production called, “I will Never Leave You”. Later, the two actresses also released albums of duets and a live recording.

Throughout the country, this musical show had various fruitful regional shows and has since then gained a repute of a having a devoted “cult” fan following. In 1999, a highly notable premiere of the show took place. The premiere had been produced by the prominent Physically Handicapped Actors & Musical Artists League.  This production of the musical was greatly received by not just the fans of the show but also illustrious critics from the industry. It also earned the honorable Denver Mayor’s Award in the category of “Excellence in the Arts”. In October, 2008 an abridged version of the production was seen being staged at the famous Kennedy Center that is located in Washington D.C. This production was a part of the program of Broadway: Three Generations show and featured Lisa Brescia and Jenn Colella in the roles of Violet and Daisy respectively.
The Side Show Apprentice Program which is being presented by the Apprentice Program at Fort Worth in Casa Manana has been directed by Tom Kosis. Kosis is among those directors in the theatrical industry who comes with a great experience from television, national tours and Broadway. His most recent work was seen in the Broadway revival show of Bye Bye Birdie of 2009 by the Roundabout Theatre Company. He has also worked on many other hit shows like Disney’s Mary Poppins, The Scarlett Pimpernel and Flower Drum Song. For the original Broadway production of the Side Show, Kosis was the choreographer as well as the associate director.
The Side Show Apprentice Program is expected to be a superb hit. This is one of those modern-day theatrical productions that are turning out to be classics. Since the show enjoys a great fan following, it comes as no surprise at all that it is performed to sold out crowds. With your cheap Side Show Apprentice Program tickets in hand, you will enjoy a production that will be very captivating and highly entertaining. 

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