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Spokane’s very own Interplayers Theatre brings yet another exciting array of events lined up for the patrons this year with its all new season. Interplayers Theatre has been inspiring audiences all around the surrounding regions for ages with its theatrical presentations, and with them the theatre has also been providing with an outlet for the on stage performers as well. Theatre has been promoting live performing arts in the region for years, and this year it expects to do nothing less. This year’s exciting lineup of events includes many highly anticipated theatrical productions, which also include the world premiere of Seeds of Change.

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About Seeds Of Change

Seeds of Change is the brain child of Spokane’s very own play wright Craig Rickett. This comedy theatrical production will be making its world premiere at the Interplayers Theatre this season. The Theatre continues its tradition and mission of promoting new works of live entertainment, which is why it has played host to a variety of different theatrical productions that had its first run at the Interplayers. Starring Joy Miller, Chastity Miller, Faith Miller, Reggie Coulter, Patrick Donohue, Levi Durban and several others, Seeds of Change is a light hearted fun ride that would be equally entertaining for all members of the family. The play is directed by Michael Weaver, and tells the tale of three sisters whose lives change drastically upon the arrival of a new neighbor and a couple of seeds that reach them through mail mysteriously. The play is a perfect family comedy that is equally enjoyable by all family members, so while this limited time engagement lasts, grab your Seeds of Change tickets in your first instance.
With the tagline of ‘We Hope our Fiction inspires you reality’, Interplayers theatre expects to do exactly that with its productions each season. The company envisions inspiring the imagination and touching the hearts of its audience members. Apart from that, the company also fosters and nourishes all the artists who take part in making those productions successful. The formation of the Interplayers Theatre goes all the way back to 1980 when the foundation of the theatre was laid by Bob and Joan Welch, making it the very first theatre company in the surrounding region. Prior to moving to Spokane and forming Interplayers, the couple lived in New York City where nourished alongside the actors like Harry Belafonte, Tony Curtis, Walter Matthau and Marlon Brando at the New School of Social Research. The couple studied under the shadows of Stella Adler and Lee Strasberg.

The Welch’s ran the company for twenty years, and during those years they directed a wide number of productions apart from acting in a couple of them each year as well. The couple retired from the company in 2001 after which the leadership was handed over to the new Artistic director of the company Robin Stanton. He kept that position till 2005 until he was replaced by Nike Imoru. Imoru was then followed by Wes Deitrick and then Karen Kalinsky for the same position. Currently Reed McColm works as the Artistic Director of the company alongside the executive director, Pamela Brown. Interplayers Theatre is a non-profit organization solely committed towards promoting the performing and live arts. In its cause, the company has received grants and funds from various places like Foundation Northwest, the National Endowment for the Arts, US Bank, the Washington State Arts Commission and many more.
Over its years of existence, Interplayers has played host to a number of plays. The very first play that took the stage at the theatre was the Male Animal written by Elliot Nugent and James Thurber, and it was staged in 1981. Since then many plays and productions followed, and this season Seeds of Change makes its premiere at the theatre. The play is scheduled for a limited run only, so if you’re looking for a perfect family comedy this time around, cheap Seeds of Change tickets are surely for you.

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