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Pal Joey, the exciting musical is based on the intriguing book written by John O’Hara, with beautifully elaborate music and lyrics created by the brilliant artists Lorenz Hart and Richard Rogers. The play really fuses together some of the unique situations of unforeseen circumstances adding up on a very believable character that the writer created in a series of well-plotted short stories he wrote for the New Yorker. The musical is particularly famous for featuring two songs that with time have attained the standard of standards which are called Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered, and I Could Write a Book. The touching, heartwarming story of the musical has attracted many audiences to get Pal Joey tickets more than once. 

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About Pal Joey

Pal Joey is a thrillingly gripping musical that centers round young, naïve Joey who does not mind lying about certain aspects of his life to impress his love interest Linda, but get stuck in the middle of much mess owing to the host of possible surrounding issues that crop up as he makes use of apparently promising opportunities to climb up the social ladder. The musical first premiered on Broadway in the December of 1940 and was staged at the prestigious Ethel Barrymore Theater, running as many as three hundred and seventy-four times. The very first versions of the musical were directed by the famous George Abbot and were fascinatingly choreographed by Robert Alton. The show was later given a revival in 1952, and ran five hundred and forty times within an interval of three months. At that time, this super hit musical was noted for being the longest running show in the wide history of any of the revived performances. The show has been revived several times in the following years, including its reopening in 2008, and has been much loved by the audience every time. Pal Joey tickets have been in much demand and have been popularly circulating since. 
The story of Pal Joey is one that delivers a strongly cathartic performance where the protagonist comes out more tragic than he can ever possibly imagine himself to be. The characters of Vera and Linda are very compellingly brought out and their scripts are written more cogently than one could expect. The plot thickens and develops to a thought provoking, suspenseful level where the viewers are spun in into not just the storyline but also the stories of the characters, examining and analyzing what should happen next that would be perfectly befitting for each. John O’Hara has really created a work of sheer genius in his plot planning and script designing. The theme of the musical really deals with everyday issues of honesty, loyalty, deception, trust and love at its very core. For theater lovers who want to watch something a little more serious and thoughtful, Pal Joey is a must-watch, which makes those Cheap Pal Joey tickets a must-have. 
Pal Joey received somewhat mixed reception when it first opened on the stages of New York in the 1940s. The well known critic from New York Herald Tribune declared the musical to be simply ‘brilliant’, which carried much truth to it since the musical ran for the longest time during those days. Another well noted critic Ethan Mordden commented on the spectacular show considering it to provide a certain breakthrough among the contemporary character writing with particular reference to the fact the two significant main characters, including Linda were very well sculpted. Several other critics noted the fact that this musical was perhaps the best of works of Hart and Rodgers, where the twain combined their skills very intelligently and strategically in creating such a masterpiece of theater. 
Pal Joey was not only a wonderfully put together musical; it was also a structural change back in the 40’s when the protagonist was always a sympathetic figure with a strong moral center, whereas the character of Joey Evens broke through such norms in the capacity of the antihero. Richard Rodgers himself pointed out this aspect of the character, calling him ‘weak’ and ‘mean’, which eventually contributed to his notoriety among other characters on stage and among the audience. Since its earliest performances in 1952 the show has been nominated and has gloriously won several high reputed awards including the likes of Tony Award, Laurence Olivier Award, Drama Desk Award Donaldson Award, Barrymore Award and the Outer Critics Circle Award. The musical provides an experience one must avail at least once, so get your Cheap Pal Joey tickets and enjoy a few hours of its thought provoking plot.

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