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One of the most recent but topping the list of magnificent gospel plays, I Need a Man is back as a touring act to show you the very best of everything that gospel has to offer to theater. This brilliant musical by playwright Michael Matthews is a brilliant depiction of emotions we as humans face and the choices we make when we come face to face with a particular scenario. Every theater enthusiast should buy I Need a Man stage play tickets to watch this play live.

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About I Need A Man

In I Need a Man, Michael has gone to capture the true essence of Gospel Music by narrating a story about the mistakes people make when they choose someone their partners to love. It sounds like an easy thing to do but a lot of people make some hilariously simple mistakes while doing so and go about doing it the wrong way. The criteria’s we set at times turn out to be the major stumbling blocks which is why we all need to be careful when selecting our partners to make sure we don’t regret it later on.
I Need a Man stage play is all about a character called Momma Lily.  She is a fifty five years old woman who has four daughters but instead of looking her age she goes about doing stuff to look as if she is twenty five. To make matters worse she has forgotten about her religious background and turned her back on her church. Even though she has turned her back on her family, they love her and continue trying to bring Lily back on the right path. On the other hand are her daughters who simply want a man for themselves. The plot of the play takes numerous twists and turns to reach an ending that changes Lily and her daughters forever.
I Need a Man stage play is just about as good as a gospel musical goes. It is an amazing narration of some of the most common mistakes we make in our lives and is a real eye opener for us, one that we can see and learn from by simply buying I Need a Man stage play tickets.

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Q:Can you please tell me the dates for i need a man stageplay miami?

A:You can look through the page of I Need A Man Tickets as all the details of the event are mentioned there.

Q:I need a man stage play cheap tickets. Can you help me find them?

A:You can look through the page of I Need A Man Tickets and you can have your cheap tickets from there.

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