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Diary of a Worm a Spider and A Fly takes you to a hilarious journey that is swarmed by little crawlers who are on a quest to find who they really are and what makes them extraordinary. The separate diary of three creatures combined into one great musical production is a delight for people of all ages. You can now avail your Diary of a Worm a Spider and a Fly tickets and experience an entertaining show from the perspective of a bug’s eye view of what this huge world that we all live in is all about.

About Diary Of A Worm A Spider And A Fly

The story of Diary of a Worm a Spider and a Fly explores the lives of three insect children who attend school together, grow up together and play together. The performance gives the audience a feel of how bugs see their lives while it entertains and also gives an eco message which is highly enlightening. The worrying little Worm, the brazen yet intelligent Spider and the joyful Fly all grow up to discover the world they live in. The musical teaches you some interesting facts about insects that are all around us, while you enjoy loads of laughter at their curious and for a time rather icky excursions.
The book, lyrics and the music have been written and composed by Joan Cushing. The play has been adapted from the bestselling book series with the same title authored by Harry Bliss and Doreen Cronin. Besides the fact that a worm, a spider and a fly are all insects, these three creatures of the Earth are also exciting subjects for children and they are frequently greatly fascinated by them. Cushing has effectively managed to shape all the three characters of the play into a delectable theater blended with dance and song that both adults as well as children can merrily absorb.
Diary of a Worm a Spider and a Fly is a witty, funny and educating new musical created by Joan Cushing. The musical blends in the daily activities, dreams, wishes and important lesson of life for youngsters with a production that is captivating and thrives on the narratives of three species that are a part of our daily lives. What really sets this play apart is the magnificent music score which comprises of boogie-woogie, rap, bright ballads and hip hop spilled all over the stage once the curtain raises in the most charming manner. The sets and props of the show are striking and are created by 90 percent of reused and recycled materials. Even the costumes worn by the stage actors are reused. The designer of the set will completely dazzle you with brilliant lighting designs that have been utilized in a way that makes a whole new world of glittering lights that are there till the curtain is drawn.
When growing up, children have various issues as do their other juvenile friends in the worm and insect world. In the play you will find that the character of the Spider is impatiently waiting to shed his exoskeleton and quickly grown up, this is best illustrated with an upbeat score titled as “Bye-Bye, Baby!” The character of the Fly can successfully walk on walls and desperately hopes to be some sort of a legendary hero, but this fearless Fly’s abilities cannot be seen till she is faced with the challenge of rescuing her Aunt Rita from behind the huge window screen. Butterfly is a beautiful character and looks absolutely lovely when she flies off to long distances. The Ant is a dynamic creature who is really strong and also happens to be a karate expert.  However, the Worm who does not have any wings or legs is slow and finds it difficult to keep up with his other friends. He feels as though he has no purpose in life without his legs. This is when his friends come together to cheer him up by delivery some really amazing scientific facts about him, thus telling him and silently to the audience that the world has all sorts of heroes. With your cheap Diary of a Worm a Spider and a Fly tickets in hand, you are truly going to enjoy a phenomenal theatrical show that will be totally unforgettable.