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Get ready for a spectacular musical expedition as Neil Berg brings his legendary tribute tour, 103 Years of Broadway, to the American stages once again. The musical show will feature some of the most renowned artists, composers, and musicians who will embrace the US stages to deliver a riveting live act. The musical orchestration has already enthralled thousands of people across the country. This season, the audiences are highly anticipating another installment of the famed Broadway concert.  

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About 103 Years of Broadway

Neil Berg has produced some of the most celebrated shows over the years. His popular show 'The Prince and the Pauper' managed to garner Neil immense fame and appreciation from audiences as well as critics. Some of his other acclaimed works include 'Tim and Scrooge', 'The Man Who Would Be King', 'The 12' and 'Grumpy Old Men'. Neil has received numerous awards for his outstanding work including "Best Musical" at the Bistro Award for his show 'Asylum in the Night'. The upcoming Broadway concert will mark another grand performance by some of the most cherished musicians from around the world. Music lovers around the country are already on a lookout for cheap 103 Years of Broadway tickets.
The star-studded musical event allures masses every year. The celebratory Broadway concert features grand set designs, advance lightings and magical music that leave the audiences asking for more. The viewers can be a part of this thrilling night by getting their hands on 103 Years of Broadway tickets.

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