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Flamenco Festival has become Miami’s most anticipated annual event, featuring world-class dancers from Spain. The 18-member ballet dance group accompanied by musicians and singers take the stage in Miami to give audiences a sensational performance. It has become a major hit in recent years and is loved by fans from all across the nation. Flamenco Festival’s dazzling shows that are full of jaw-dropping dance moves have become one of the hottest international events in the South Florida region. Interested individuals are advised to book their cheap Flamenco Festival Miami tickets in advance.

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About Flamenco Festival Miami

The Flamenco Festival Miami event is being headlined by a renowned Spanish ballet company Ballet Flamenco de Andalucia. This company is recognized globally for its amazing traditional flamenco dance that originated in Spain. Nothing can be better than watching a dance performance courtesy a troupe hailing from the land where their style of dancing originally arose. The renowned company has been taking the stage at various art centers across the globe to give audiences a taste of true Spanish dance culture.
The event is packed with glamour and uplifting Spanish music. If you have seen Spanish dance before, this event is bound to revitalize your love for it. On the other hand, if you have little idea about Spain and its music culture, Miami’s Flamenco Festival is a great place to find out what it’s all about. You will get to see classic Spanish dance fused with modern dance to form a powerful sequence of elaborate moves and styles. The Flamenco Festival has taken place for six consecutive seasons in the Miami Dade County where it received a lot of appreciation and popularity among its attendees. Its tremendous success and ever growing demand is the main reason why the dancers are back in town to showcase their talents one again.
The show comprises of various dance forms and musical pieces that keep the audiences amused and entertained throughout. Traditional "Bata de Cola" dresses are one of the main attractive features of the event. These dresses are customized by popular costume designers who add color and beauty, creating a wonderful sea of colors. It is not every day that you get to see traditional flamenco dresses in your very American town. The stage is lit up with bright bold and heartwarming colors. Apart from the fabulous costumes, the props, lighting, and music take the whole performance to another level. Audiences are taken away into the land of flamenco where love and beauty unravel through dance.
The Flamenco Festival Miami happening promises to wow its viewers through its complex heel-to-toe step combinations and extreme athleticism. One can’t imagine the level of hard work, constant practice and difficulties these dancers have endured to make the event flawless and mesmerizing. The dancers are truly dedicated to flamenco and one can see their level of expertise in the performance. If you are tired of seeing the regular hip hop dance routines and are looking for something new, this is the place to be. The Flamenco Festival is directed by the renowned flamenco expert, Ruben Olmo. He has worked for a number of classic Spanish dance companies across the globe. Ruben Olmo’s work speaks for itself. Over the years, this talented director has won many international and local Spanish awards for his work. He has put together a brilliant team of 18 classic Spanish dancers that are accompanied with live instrumentalists. It is not just the dancing that is worth praise but also the wonderful classic Spanish music that is played live. Ruben Olmo is back in Miami this year to give the locals a fantastic time.
Since the spring season is supposed to be about colors, music and fun, you can make your spring worth remembering by attending the 2013 Flamenco Festival. It is an event one shouldn’t miss at any cost. You can also take your loved ones with you and have a great time with classic Spanish dancers. Hundreds of families travel from across the state to get a chance to see this annual dance event. Since the event is in popular demand nowadays, its ticket sales have hit the roof. Previous seasons also turned out to be completely sold-out prior to the event. Don’t waste time and make sure you get your Flamenco Festival Miami tickets before they all disappear.

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