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Super Why Live is a spectacular live show, an adaptation of the Nickelodeon animated kids TV show of the same name, one of the most popular shows today. This live show brings Super Why and the spectacular Super Readers on a tour that is set to cover much of the Southeastern part of the US for several months. Many cities and venues are set to receive the adorable live cast in shows that are a must see for children, through Super Why Live tickets, and entertaining even for adults.

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About Super WHY Live

Super Why Live is an amazing tour featuring the animated show of the same name brought to life, on stage. It is known fully as Super Why LIVE: You’ve Got the Power! tour and this is the first leg of the tour, set for 2012. For these events, party packages and even party upgrades are available. It is the work of producers who are behind such live shows as Yo Gabba Gabba! Live and Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. It features spectacular dance songs by Fun’s Jack Antonoff, complete with magical effects and a story that will make all members of the audience, even adults smile. It is a show that also has a powerful motivational message behind it; that ‘we can do anything we want to do and be anyone we want to be’. It will feature characters of the show such as Super Why, Princess Presto, Wonder Red, Woofster and Alpha Pig as they make their dreams true and answer the biggest question. It isn’t just a question however but a quest, to find out who possesses the greatest super power in the whole world, a quest anyone can watch live with cheap Super Why Live tickets.
The Super Why Live show, based upon the Nick Jr animated show of the same name, boats of cutting edge technology complete with astounding visual effects and even aerial stunts to beggar an acrobat. It is bound to delight and dazzle not only children but also adults. A team of the most talented in the industry is behind it including a Tony Award and Emmy nominated lighting designer and a Tony Award winning scenic designer.
The original animated show, on which Super Why Live is based, was created by Samantha Freeman Alpert and Angela C Santomero and is classified as a children’s TV series that is educational. It aired first in the US and Canada on channels such as PBS Kids Sprout in the US, CBC in Canada, Nick Jr in the UK and even Yoko TV in Taiwan. It premiered in 2007 and has been aired since then. It is also known as The Reading Adventures of Super Why and is produced by Out of the Blue Enterprises from New York City and DHX Media from Toronto.
Super Why Live’s story follows the main character Whyatt and takes place in a place known as Storybrook Village where fairytale like characters live. Whyatt owns a Super Duper Computer that resembles a smartphone and he is called on it. He then finds out that someone is faced with a super big problem and so he calls the Super Readers to the book club. The four original characters, including Pig, Princess Pea, known also as Princess Presto, and Red Riding Hood arrive at the book club, a building that is actually made of books and then they start looking at the problem and using books.
With these fairytale characters, Whyatt and Woofster together, the mysteries of Super Why Live are solved and all eventually lead to the big question; who has the greatest superpower in the world. The answer is a mystery and the only way to find out is make use of fabulous Super Why Live tickets.

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Q:I wanna secure my order for super why performances tickets. Can i book them in advance from your website?

A:Yes, you can buy Super Why Live Tickets in advance from our website depending upon their availability. You can look through our page for more details.

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A:For complete information about Super Why Live Tickets and the event's dates, please log on to our website or call us on our toll free number in case you need any further assistance.

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A:Please inform us if you don't get your Super Why Live Tickets at least a week before the event and we will make sure you don't miss out on this amazing event.

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A:For details about Super Why Live Seattle Tickets and the event itself, please log on to our website or call us on our toll free number in case you need any further assistance.

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