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Koba Entertainment offers an opportunity to see one of the most beloved animated bunnies of our times, Max and Ruby. The two fluffy characters are copied off from Rosemary Wells, series of Max and Ruby stories. The books were very successful the world over and so was Max & Ruby, when they came to television in 2002. In the animated series, the two bunnies are seen in playful events, discovering new things. Max and Ruby are loved for the fun and frolic they offer to children as well as adults. The show has a great following in North America and in European countries like France, Sweden and Finland.

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About Max and Ruby The Nutcracker

Max is toddler and Ruby is his seven year old sister who is both very different from each other. Max is a super active bunny looking for adventure. He is very playful and happy go lucky. He loves to play with many toys and is in love with trucks, wild animals and mud. Ruby is an intelligent and disciplined big sister. Her role as an elder makes her a helpful sister, who goes by rules of her own the house. She is also sporty like Max and takes time out for friends and cooking treats! Most of the times these two get along well, but at times Max’s stubbornness and Ruby’s Big sister rules get them into trouble. They both try to show their best behavior, but also end if in a fix when one tries to correct the other.
Grandma is Max and Ruby’s next door neighbor and a very important person for both the bunnies. She loves them very much and takes great care of their needs. Even though she is old she connects with their kido matters and spends a good deal of time with them. Grandma is also a loving person who keeps surprising them with gifts, treats and great ideas for having fun. She is a very active Grandma who can do and become anything for Max and Ruby. With her they learn many new things about life; Grandma also tells them how to go about dealing with problems.
Max and Ruby The Nutcracker is a latest live show featuring life size puppets of Max, Ruby and their beloved Grandma. Together these characters have made a classic presentation of the Nutcracker super fun for everyone! Max, Ruby and Grandma have teamed up this holiday season to make the Nutcracker special for themselves and everyone watching them. They bring to life the classic Christmas story of the Nutcracker with Ballet and most wonderful character form the tale. The Nutcracker is a Russian folk tale that tries to explain the true meaning of Christmas. It details on the spirit of celebrating Christmas with loved ones in the best way. The story of the Nutcracker has been told and retold by many Ballet companies from all over the world. These repertoires make use of Tchaikovsky’s timeless music to tell the story of Marsha and her Christmas gift, the Nutcracker. Max and Ruby The Nutcracker is doing the same but with a kick!  
Max and Ruby The Nutcracker will be agreat show with beautiful music and mesmeric dance. It has been made possible by a team of talented performers, musicians, creative artists, choreographers and directors. This ninety minute show will showcase magical performances on original songs from Tchaikovsky’s score. However, the highlight is the choreography by Patti Caplette, who has created a special presentation for the Max and Ruby version. Caplette has danced with C Les Grands Ballets and Royal Winnipeg Ballet on over hundred performances of the Nutcracker. Anne Armit’s stunning costumes and set design by Gemini Award-winning artist Brian Purchaluk create a wonderful world of music, dance, magic and enchanted characters. All these elements make Max and Ruby in the Nutcracker Suite an extraordinary show.
Ready to watch season’s best Ballet show, the Nutcracker, Max, Ruby and Grandma are upset as heavy snow changes everything. Grandma starts telling the story herself , bringing to life the Nutcracker and ballet right before Max and Ruby’s eyes! Max and Ruby Nutcracker tickets will let your become a part of this show. Watch these adorable bunnies meet and greet guests, like the the Sugar Plum Fairy, the Evil Mouse King, the Bullfighter and also the Nutcracker Prince and dose of to bed with sweet dreams. Cheap Max and Ruby The Nutcracker tickets offer great deals. To make your Christmas merrier, look out for the best bargains on Max and Ruby The Nutcracker tickets. Buy  now!

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