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All the performing art lovers should get ready because an amazing show is going to take place soon. Watching Imago Theatre In Zoozoo is certainly going to be an exciting experience for circus and entertainment fans. This interesting amalgamation of talent and art in a live performance that should not be missed at any cost. The show is so wonderful that you will find yourself talking about it weeks after it’s over. The show is usually defined as the Cirque Du Soleil style of evoking acrobatics as it’s combined with mimes like Mummenschanz. With its unique sets and French-influence the great performances will keep you attentive till the end of show.

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About Imago Theatre In Zoozoo

ZooZoo will give you interesting sight of penguins that will be playing musical chairs; there will also be a cat that is trapped inside a huge paper bag. The fun and unique sights are limitless in the show. You will also get to see hippos caught in insomnia and anteasters working as waiters. Another fascinating element is illusion of madcap revue. The fun and comedy of the show has entertained and inspired people from all over the world. Simple things are turned into the most creative and interesting vision that you won’t get to see anywhere else.
The creators of the show, Jerry Mouawad and Carol Triffle are certainly very talented and skilled. The have been called as magicians as well as alchemists for producing this superb show. They have taken the Imago Theatre to amazing height with their determination and passion. They are also known for theatrical animators and their comedies. Imago Theatre has always covered the stage with numerous characters including comedic amphibians, circus boulders as well as acrobatic larvae and metamorphosing humans. Their shows always tantalize the senses of audience and intellect.
Be it the adaptations of classical work or modern work, repertoire of Imago' are always grand in style and unique in forms. They not only use stage but also incorporate elements from film as well as television. There is no limit to entertainment at the Imago Theatre. With Imago Theatre In Zoozoo you are going to experience a new world of entertainment and performing arts. Humour and humanity are important elements of Imago Theatre In Zoozoo, but the show is also equally capable of giving you an emotional connection as well.
Imago Theatre has not only developed name at national level but it is highly appreciated in performing arts world at an international level as well. They tour extensively throughout the year to entertain the art lovers. Their season at the Portland, Oregon is always a hit. If you haven’t seen it yet, then you are certainly missing out on great deal of fun and entertainment. With productions like FROGZ and ZooZoo they have also did shows at the highly famous Broadway for New Victory Theatre as well.
The show is the perfect place for you if you are a fan mime, acrobatics and dances. Developed in 1979, Imago Theatre has been a hit since the time of its inception. Carol and Jerry have been producing and doing tours for its international productions for more than two decades now. Imago Theatre In Zoozoo is their internationally acclaimed production that you are thoroughly going to enjoy.  It’s perfect for all age groups and people full of entertainment and thrill. ZooZoo got its success in the year 2010 and since then it’s one of the people’s favorite productions. People from Asia, Canada, Europe and U.S. are fan of this theater.
Winner of New York Dance Film Award as well as Independent Reviewers for Best Touring Production New England this theater has marked its name among the successful acts. Its time you get your share of Imago Theatre In Zoozoo tickets to enjoy the most amazing theatrical production of all times. To make it easier for you there are also some cheap Imago Theatre In Zoozoo tickets available for you. So start making your plans today!

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