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This is one colorful event that you won’t forget for many years to come. Imago Dance is a perfect blend of immaculate choreography, fine music and mesmerizing light work that is primarily for the young ones but even adults can enjoy it. Produced and performed by the world’s most popular circus company, this is a must watch show for all the family. Tickets are now available so get Imago Dance tickets and enjoy.

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About Imago Dance

Imago Dance has been entertaining the audience since 1979. It was conceived as a musical show that involves a number of different theatrical techniques such as miming, dancing, slapstick comedy with colorful masks. Currently it is being operated by Cirque du Soleil which is the biggest name in the world when it comes to contemporary circus. Over the years, Imago has continuously made improvements to the show and it has now evolved into a much bigger and more exuberant event
Talking about it, New York Times has commented that Imago type of theater opens the eyes to possibilities in the imagination realm. The show primarily focuses on family oriented acts but over the last few years some adult productions have also been produced winning accolades from both critics as well as fans. The production has also gone abroad on tours to various countries across the world in Europe and Asia. The popularity of this show can be judged from the simple fact that two of its show namely ZooZoo and FROGZ were staged at New Victory Theater on Broadway. One more production that was titled No Exit was staged at the famous American Repertory Theater.
Imago Dance mingles different languages, cultures with a touch of avant-garde and the sole focus is on expression through movements and dance. There are a large number of artists including dancers, fabricators, actors as well as musician who work day and night to bring more color and liveliness to this production. A lot of credit for the different shows of Imago goes to world renowned French mime artist and acting instructor Jacques Lecoq. Jacques was among the pioneers of physical theater. Lots of improvements have been done to the overall production thanks to Cirque du Soleil. This name has become the most sought after names in the field of modern contemporary circus. It has a long list of hit productions to its name like La Nouba, Nouvelle Experience, Criss Angel Believe, Totem, Alegria, Banana Shpeel, Delirium, Kooza and Ovo.
After winning the hearts of viewers in different cities Imago Dance troupe is finally coming to yours so do watch out. It is one of the most awaited shows of the season and you better not miss to watch it. Cheap Imago Dance tickets are now available so quickly book deals for your entire family.

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