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The winner of a Grammy Award, a Drama Desk Award and three Tony Awards, ‘The Book of Mormon’ is now coming to the Morrison Center for the Performing Arts. The religious satire debuted on Broadway in 2011. It is an old-style musical but with a modern sensibility and features several big dance numbers in addition to some classic Broadway ones. The musical playfully jabs at religion, poverty, sexuality and race related topics. The musical is a side-splitting piece of live performing arts. To watch the production, get Book Of Mormon Boise tickets before they are all taken.

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The musical consists of two acts and tells the story of two young Mormon missionaries who have gone to a remote area with the intention of sharing their scripture, Book of Mormon. However, the natives of this town in northern Uganda are more concerned about poverty, famine, war and epidemics than religion. This makes it harder for the two missionaries to get the locals on board on the matter of religion.


The twist is added by the distinctive personalities of these two Mormons. One of them, Elder Price, is an enthusiast with a strong dedication to his faith. While the other one, Elder Cunningham, is a well meaning, socially awkward nerd whose tendency to exaggerate the truth soon starts to create trouble for him. Get Book Of Mormon Boise tickets now.