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One Man Two Guvnors is a musical by Richard Bean, which celebrates British comedy with its unusual mix of slapstick and goofy short lines, satire and songs. It is based on Servant of Two Masters originally written by Carlo Goldoni in 1743. The play is directed by Nicholas Hytner, with music and songs by Grant Olding. Bean has used the plot structure of the original Venetian story and combined it with a physical and verbal humor of particular Anglo-Saxon characteristics. As a result, he has created some of the most comedy productions in the history of the National, reminiscent of Carry on Carlo.  The show has already won the Critics’ Circle Award and the Evening Standard Theatre Award, with the later in the category of Best Play in 2011. With The Daily Telegraph describing it as Summer’s feelgood hit, The Independent calling it a massive hit and London’s Evening Standard referring to it as the surefire hit, One Man Two Guvnors tickets are soon becoming the most popular of all live comedy performances.

About One Man Two Guvnors

The English adaptation of One Man Two Guvnors was first performed at the National Theatre in 2011, where it was directed by Nicholas Hytner and starred James Corden as the protagonist. In the story, the original settings of the Italian period are replaced with that of Brighton in 1963. The play received much critical acclaim on its opening, with The Guardian giving it five straight stars and calling it a triumph of both verbal and visual comedy. The show took its UK tour where it was staged at Alyesbury Waterside Theatre, Theatre Royal in Plymouth, The Lowry in Salford, New Alexander Theatre in Birmingham and King’s Theatre in Edinburgh. The play was later performed at the Adelphi Theatre, which is a part of West End in London.  The show was transferred to Broadway in Music Box Theatre with James Corden continuing to play the lead role. The production was recorded and broadcasted to cinemas for wider viewing all over the world in the September of 2011. This was done under the Live program of the National Theatre.

In the plot of One Man Two Guvnors, the main issue is that Francis Henshall, who is a failed skiffle player, is found simultaneously working for two guvnors; one is Rachel Crabbe who is taken to be her deceased gangland twin, and bears in her odd mop-resembling wig, uncanny likeness to Ringo Starr. James Corden makes his transition as Francis, from Stacey and Gavin to Goldini. Just like in the original version, the character is motivated by pure hunger which makes it interesting to watch Corden munching on a letter out of desperation. Things get even funnier when he is questioned whether he prefers making love or eating. At this point in the comedy, the character’s expressions are transformed to deliver excruciating confusion as he tries to weigh his options and say ‘tough one’.
The real success of One Man Two Guvnors lies in its amalgamation of verbal and visual hilarity. Hytner and Bean have somehow elevated the dinner scene to an all new level of humor through the addition of another character who is supposed to be an octogenarian waiter, played by Tom Edden. The character’s quivering hand serves soup in the most hideous manner, prompting another series of laughter from the spectators. Edden’s role requires the capacity to tumble down the stairs while standing backwards, and hurry back like a rubber ball. As characteristic of English comedy, physical gags care performed alongside an endless incoming of verbal jokes such as the one-liner on marriage thrown by a cynical hood.  The impressive cast comprising of Oliver Chris, Daniel Rigby, Jemima Rooper and many others, have all contributed a lot in making the show a laughing success.  Both Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail have referred to One Man Two Guvnors as the funniest show of the western world. So get hold of some cheap One Man Two Guvnors tickets and be there for the heartiest laughs ever.

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