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First an autobiography, then a Spielberg film and now Catch Me If You Can is coming to you in the form of a Broadway musical that is going to be thoroughly entertaining and exciting to watch!

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About Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can has been written by Terrence McNally and its music has been composed by the great team of Hairspray fame, Scott Wittman and Marc Shaiman. The story of the musical relates the life of the con artist, Frank Abagnale Jr., who had duped the world and carried out millions of dollars. The storyline of the theatrical production is along the same lines as the plot of the film released in 2002 and went by the same name. Both of them are adaptations of the autobiography (1980) of Abnagale. The musical was first showed in 2009 in Seattle and then in April of this year, it was first showed on the Broadway stage of Neil Simon Theatre.

Catch Me If You Can consists of two acts. In the first act, Frank is caught by the FBI agent, Hanratty, at the Miami International Airport. Frank then goes on to tell his story to the world. He tells that he became a con when he was in school and was made fun of because of his poverty. He first impersonated his French teacher in school. Then when his parents fought over custody of him, he felt distraught and lonely and ran away from home. Over the years, he learnt to write fake checks and as a result amassed millions of dollars. Later he faked his way into Pan American World Airways as a co-pilot. Meanwhile the FBI was after him regarding the fake checks. He was able to dodge them by acting as an FBI agent himself.
In the second act of Catch Me If You Can, Frank tells that he posed as a doctor and got a job at a hospital. There he fell in love with a nurse, Brenda. Brenda took him to meet her parents, Roger and Carol where he lied to them that he was a priest, a lawyer and a doctor. They did not believe him but they gave their permission and Brenda and Frank got engaged. After the engagement, when Frank got to know that the FBI was onto him, he told Brenda the truth about his identity and his plan to run away. He told her that he would come back for her later. However, Hanratty was able to get Brenda to tell on Frank which brings the story to where it started, that is the airport. Hearing of his father’s death, Frank surrenders to the FBI, is sentenced to fifteen year imprisonment. However, after seven years in prison, Frank is released. Hanratty hires him to help catch other con artists. Towards the end of the play, Hanratty forms a partnership with Frank.

The cast of Catch Me If You Can includes Norbert Leo Butz who plays Carl Hanratty, Aaron Tveit plays Frank, Kerry Butler who plays Brenda, Linda Hart plays Carol, Nick Wyman plays Roger and Tom Wopart plays the role of Frank Senior. The direction has been given by Jack O’Brien and the choreography has been done by Jerry Mitchell. The production put up 170 shows this year. The production was a huge success. It was nominated for numerous awards including four Tony Awards in the categories of ‘Best Musical’, ‘Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical’, ‘Best Sound Design’ and ‘Best Orchestration’. Norbert Leo Butz won the Tony Award for ‘Best Actor Musical’. He also won the Fred and Adele Astaire Award and Drama Desk Award for playing Hanratty.
The team will be going on a tour of the USA, performing Catch Me If You Can the musical in various cities in the year 2012.Considering its pervious success, there is no doubt that the future shows of Catch Me If You Can will be raging successes. Moreover, what makes it so interesting is that the story presents Frank as a human with emotions rather than just a calculating con artist. Hanratty’s empathy regarding Frank’s background loneliness detracts the story from becoming the usual police-con artist thriller. Its depth and various twist and turns as well as the great acting by the cast keep the attention of the audience from waning. One of the most entertaining stories to have adapted by the Broadway, it definitely should not be missed. So get your Catch Me If You Can tickets and be prepared to be have a great evening out!

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