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Richmond Ballet the Nutcracker is a time old tradition of the Virginia based ballet. Each year, the company organizes the Christmas time recital of which their youngest members can also be a part of. Through their “School of Richmond Ballet” and the “Richmond Ballet’s Minds in Motion” programs, the company is able to cast several up and coming performers from the ages of 7 and above into the main show. The children have to go through an audition process where the most promising stars are cast for the roles of the little mice, the lambs, the party children, or the toy soldiers. Nearly 100 kids are chosen to perform each year. This develops professional ability in the performers from very early on, being especially beneficial for those who want to pursue ballet as a career later on in their lives as well. They also get to dance alongside the professional ballet dancers, who act as their mentors. Such an exposure not only adds to their early credentials and to their experience, it also enhances the love for dance within them. Moreover, the experience is not only thrilling, but also rewarding for the children. For their parents, and for dance enthusiasts, this becomes an enticing event for which getting Richmond Ballet The Nutcracker tickets seem worthwhile. Parents who are interested in seeking a Richmond Ballet program for their children should know that the institution is quite credible.

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Richmond Ballet The Nutcracker

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Richmond Ballet: The Nutcracker Chrysler Hall Norfolk Friday
12/1/2017 7:30 PM
Richmond Ballet: The Nutcracker Chrysler Hall Norfolk Saturday
12/2/2017 2:00 PM
Richmond Ballet: The Nutcracker Chrysler Hall Norfolk Saturday
12/2/2017 7:00 PM
Richmond Ballet: The Nutcracker Chrysler Hall Norfolk Sunday
12/3/2017 2:00 PM
Richmond Ballet: The Nutcracker Carpenter Theatre at Richmond CenterStage Richmond Saturday
12/9/2017 7:00 PM

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About Richmond Ballet The Nutcracker

Established in 1957, the company has had an ample amount of time to mature and grow, thus competence is to be expected. Initially, it started out only as a platform for those students who were part of unknown dance programs. The founders wanted every kid in the arts to have a voice. Eventually, they evolved into a ballet school for children in 1975. It was only when they had made a name for themselves that they finally turned into a professional company with a catalogue of experienced dancers for their annual shows. It was in the first year of the professional advancement that Richmond Ballet the Nutcracker tickets were sold for the first time. By the 1990s, the company had progressed so much and had gained such a good reputation for their proficiency that they were named “The State Ballet of Virginia” by their Governor. From then on, the ballet has become very far reaching, touching about 100,000 people each year through their recitals and teaching programs. They also have an impressive curriculum that consists of 55 original ballets, as well as all the classical numbers audiences know and love. They often conduct open for all seminars where they introduce their outreach programs. Additionally, they have over 600 children enrolled in their schools at this time.
During the previous decade, Richmond Ballet made a conscious effort to tour throughout their home state of Virginia and in various cities all around the US. They made their “Joyce Theatre” debut in 2005, and this became their biggest New York City show to date. They were able to return to the theatre in the following years under the dance master John Butler who was also their choreographer. Throughout their history, the company has made it a point to include ballets from each time in their schedule. Be it the classics, or more contemporary dances, or even original works from Richmond itself, they have always had a balanced repertoire. The show that has made them most famous is indubitably the Richmond Ballet the Nutcracker. Each year, they perform the highly popular recital that is most commonly associated with Christmas time. Critics have lauded this program for its technical ability and the charm it manages to capture of the original ballet. The story, as in the original, follows the Stahlbaum house in during their Christmas celebrations. The arrival of Drosselmeyer, the godfather to the Fritz and Clara, creates a lot of buzz because the children know that he comes bearing gifts. This is when Clara receives her Nutcracker doll which everyone in the party wants a hold of. Fritz grabs the doll and snaps it in two. Drosselmeyer tries to calm Clara and ties a handkerchief around the doll to keep it in place. When the party disintegrates and all the guests have left, Clara sneaks out of bed to see her broken Nutcracker doll. This charming story has excited audiences for a very long time, so if you too want to see what the show is all about, find cheap Richmond Ballet the Nutcracker tickets online.

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