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The Contemporary Composers is a show combining modern classical music and dance. Contemporary is a well known style of dance, which mixes ballet together with other forms of theatrical performances to produce a spectacle worth watching. Enjoy the most extravagant form of dance before your very eyes as you indulge into the new wave form that big band music and the dance forms associated with them have taken. Contemporary Composers hosts this cultural event, inviting you to view some of the most famed performances such as “Swan Lake” or “The Nutcracker” with a renewed vigor for entertainment. Contemporary Composers tickets will enable you to see for yourself how far performing arts have come after the Victorian age.

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About New York City Ballet Contemporary Composers

Contemporary music and dance has said to originate right from the heart of the Italian Renaissance and from then has carried its grace to today’s modern era. It is known for its popularity in Russia and France but has caught the attention of many around the world who look upon it as a form of pure art. The American and the European forms have further been divided after WW1 subsided. Many influential composers such as Arnold Schoenberg used a technique known as Serialism, which is a way to manipulate musical elements using a set of values. It caught fame very quickly but some composers such as Dmitri Shostakovich looked down upon it and remained loyal to the tonal way of composition.
Though to some extent modernizing Serialism died but there is still a strong team of composers keeping it alive and thriving. Composers such as Pierre Boulez in Europe and Milton Babbitt led the “integral” or “compound branch of Serialism, their compositions involve such sets and occasionally are the entire base of their compositions. The ballet portion of the event cannot be forgotten .Dancers use the technique referred to in French as ‘en pointe’ which means to stand on ones toes. The ballerina involves three main techniques which may used: classical, contemporary and neoclassical.
Amongst the many contemporary music composers in the works today is Steve Reich. Using piano as his base instrument, the artist has become known for his minimalistic approach. The simple but effective method has caught on and has become especially popular in New York City. It can be heard in the background of ballets and other recitals of similar nature throughout the city in theatres and schools. The soothing pattern that Reich has formulated consists of a repetitive one-two-four count of motifs. Still, the effortless melodic prowess can be experienced in every single piece that he has composed.
Another famous contemporary classical composer is John Adams. He too is known to take on the minimal approach that Reich endorsed. However, he has taken it a step further and has given it the whimsical sound of the romantic era, similar to the works of Mahler. For those who deemed Reich’s music much too simple for their taste, Adams’ music is the happy medium, providing sufficient complexity, without taking away the melody from the composition. He may not be a difficult composer or known for intricate hooks, but his work is well put together and influential.
As far as contemporary dancing is concerned, this particular art form has become an important part of the popular culture over the years. Television shows like “So You Think You Can Dance” have played a major role in bringing this art form to the forefront. It is a style that is deep rooted in ballet but which is less restricted. It also takes its influence from jazz, but is a more free form of expression, with wider choreographic possibilities, providing a fresher approach. Contemporary form of dancing usually covers more of the stage through leaps and tricks that are expected from the style. It provides a sense of spontaneity with more emphasis being paid on the upper body and the arms as opposed to ballet where the focus was on leg and point work. One of the reasons why this form of dance has resonated so well with mainstream audiences is that scope of it is quite wide, ranging from abstract to thematic styles. Choreographers can take on a narrative route or chose to be completely abstract. While those like Travis Wall take on a story through the dance, Wade Robsen prefers a play on characters.
Contemporary Composers tickets will provide you with the perfect opportunity to experience a new cultural paradigm, showcasing the best of neoclassical talent.

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