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National Ballet Of Canada Alices Adventures in Wonderland Tickets Tickets

The glossy and glitzy National Ballet of Canada: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland full length story ballet is once again ready to take you on a trip to the deep rabbit hole. This wonderful adaptation provides a vivid view of the Wonderland including the madcap tea party, the rabbit hole, Cheshire cat, caterpillar and the turtle. The New York Times remarks about the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: “A brilliantly theatrical superbly designed extravaganza of color, costume, madcap action and fluent dance.” The ingenious projections and over-the-top theatrical design transforms the stage into a magical wonderland. You are surely missing out on a great visual feast if you do not get a chance to catch this exceptional theatrical masterpiece. The fans do not need to worry about the price because cheap National Ballet of Canada: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland tickets are available for grabs.  

About National Ballet Of Canada Alices Adventures in Wonderland Tickets

The innovative sets, brilliant lightening and vibrant costumes make each Wonderland character appear fresh and original onstage. The delivery, timing and energy of these talented performers are simply phenomenal. Despite the action packed scenes, the dancers dance with unwavering stamina without losing the steam.  The fully trained actors know how to use their voice and body to convey the emotions. Also, breaking the National Ballet of Canada: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland show into three acts instead of two provides room for each character to shine.  
The beauty of the polished National Ballet of Canada: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland production actually lies in the magical synergy between the performers and the production team.  You will be amazed to see the talent oozing from the cast and creative team alike. The directors and choreographers have fantastically put the whole piece of production together by paying great attention to detail. They have injected all of their valuable time and energy to spawn a brilliant theatrical piece for the audience. The choreographer Christopher Wheeldon and the librettist Nicholas Wright make little changes to translate the book into an impressive ballet while sticking closer to the original story. The playful choreography of Wheeldon and the sweeping melodies of Joby Talbot lend a big hand in creating this feel good and sound good show. Bob Crowley’s inventive sets and colorful costumes further enhance the look and feel of the ballet.  
National Ballet of Canada: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a great choice for a student play. The ballet has been co-produced by the Royal Ballet and the National Ballet of Canada. Founded back in 1951 by Celia Franca, National Ballet of Canada is a classical ballet company that presents a diverse repertoire of traditional full length classics. In addition to the traditional classics, the company also encourages and presents contemporary ballets. NBC has toured many countries around the globe including US, UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Israel, Mexico and Japan.  The Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland show has made a debut in US when NBC performed at Los Angeles in late 2012.  
The company has mesmerized more than ten million people around the world with its top notch theatrical performances. The outreach and education programs make it easier for families to approach the joys of ballet and provide free dance training to school students. The main program for youth is the YOU dance which essentially stands for Youth, Outreach and Understanding and introduces students to the world of dance.
The wit and speed of Lewis Carroll’s Alice has lifted the story into the twenty first century ballet which is now full of terrifically sparkling characters. The production features seventy passionate dancers in their flamboyant costumes to bring life to this piece of theater. The heavenly performance by the Queen of Hearts is an absolute showstopper of the evening. The huge stunning costume of the Queen requires several attendants to help her move about. From comic books to movies to theatrical productions, Alice enjoys the reputation of being the favorite character of children. All you need in your pockets is National Ballet of Canada: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland tickets to watch her live on stage.

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Q:Are alice ballet kennedy center children allowed?

A:Please call the venue to inquire the age limit for children for the Alices Adventures In Wonderland Tickets