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Miami Beach in Florida is typically associated with frolicking in the sun, sand and the surf. However for those wanting to wallow in the swaying motion of dancing bodies instead of the shade of palm trees, Miami City Ballet provides an ample bounty of ballet works both old and new. The company has been up and running since the mid-eighties and has performed the works choreographed by some of the most notable ballet masters of the twentieth century such as Jerome Robbins, George Balanchine, Twyla Tharp and Trey McIntyre. The force behind the Miami City Ballet has been the founder and first artistic director Edward Villella who after being with the company for more than a quarter century, stepped down from his post in the spring of 2012. However, Lourdes Lopez, the new Cuban born Artistic Director is a highly accomplished ballet dancer and administrator and brings the legacy of the renowned New York City Ballet to her current company. Claim some Miami City Ballet Divertimento No. 15 tickets to behold one of her mentor George Balanchine's favorite Mozartian masterpieces performed to perfection.

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Before the city of Miami got its premier ballet company, the seminal element Eddie Villella had already been borne as the foremost male ballet dancer in America. His ballet bravado had commenced from his time at the School of American Ballet at just ten years of age and after a hiatus that saw him acquire a B.S. from the New York Maritime Academy in marine transportation and become a championship boxer, he toned down his machismo and returned to his first love. Eddie joined the New York City ballet in 1957 and three years later became a Principal Dancer, going on to play the lead in many prominent ballet works that were staged by the company in that era, such as A Midsummer Night's Dream, Windmill and Balanchine's Prodigal Son. The Miami City Ballet was created in 1986 and had its inaugural performance at Gusman Center for Performing Arts. The Miami City Ballet Divertimento No. 15 performance will be a befitting tribute to the formative influence in the founder's scintillating career.
Over the years and under the astute direction of Eddie Villella, the Miami City Ballet has seen its dancers achieve commendable levels of technical prowess, speed, clarity and energy in their performances. This stems from their essential training in interpreting the compositional outpourings of legends ranging from Bach and Mozart to Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky. Six years into its run, the Miami City Ballet saw the opening of its namesake school that has been serving the local community for almost two decades now in training budding ballet dances for a professional career in the industry. Of course, many of its graduates are able to transition directly into the parent company, with admissions to the institution being based on merit and need blindness. The Miami City Ballet School has also been running an annual summer program since 2001 that attracts around 200 students from all over the world to come and hone their ballet skills whilst also basking in the Floridian sun in their off time.
Your cheap Miami City Ballet Divertimento No. 15 tickets will enable you to relish the timeless nuances of one of Mozart's most loved compositions as choreographed by George Balanchine. Though Divertimento No. 15 is plot-less and spread across five movements, its highlight is the incorporation of a quintet of female dancers that deliver a seamless blend of solos, duets and a "more equal" piece. Three male dancers make up for a quintessential masculine flavor that brings out a ballet battle of the sexes in one single super-charged finish.
Miami City Ballet has been brought to the forefront of the North American ballet milieu through the stellar accomplishments of its founding artistic director. Mr. Villella was the recipient of the National Medal of Arts in 1997, becoming a Kennedy Center Honoree the same year. With a repertoire hovering just under a 100 ballet works, the company is a testament to the artistic aspirations of this sun-kissed region. So clinch some Miami City Ballet Divertimento No. 15 tickets to be bewitched by some ballet wizardry.

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