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The spectacular Joffrey Ballet is a renowned dance company, one of the very best in the US, that is widely known for its spectacular performances of some of the greatest ballets ever seen. This amazing American company can be found in the city of Chicago within the state of Illinois and has been performing sensational ballet since back in 1956. thus, not only is this company skilled in terms of talent and people, it also has over half a century of experience making it the very best choice for classic and modern ballet performances. This company is best known for its regular performances of Rome & Juliet as well as its smashing performances of The Nutcracker. Thus, if you are looking for a ballet to watch, Joffrey Ballet tickets will let you see any ballet this fabulous ballet company is performing, live.

About Joffrey Ballet

The stunning ballet performance of Joffrey Ballet, an awesome dance company from Chicago, have made a name for themselves all over the US as some of the most stunning ballet performances ever seen. Both viewers and the media have made rave reviews on this company’s ballet and it has been home to some of the greatest high profile names in the world of choreography. Legends like Paul Taylor, George Balanchine, Twyla Tharp, Robert Joffrey and Gerald Arpino have worked with this company, the last two being its founders.
This spectacular ballet company was formed back in 1956 by Gerald Arpino and Robert Joffrey. This special duo were unique in their time since they started out with a one of a kind six dancer group when other touring ballet companies performed smaller versions of classic ballet performances. Joffrey Ballet also performed original ballets that were written by Robert Joffrey, something that was also very unique back then. This company started out with a station wagon and a U Haul trailer that toured all over the country putting up ballet performances created by Robert Joffrey. At that time, one of the founders stayed in New York City to earn money to run the ballet while the other went on tour all over the nation.
In a year’s time, this astounding ballet company had a performance in a big city, Chicago, in 1957. At that time, New York City was the home of Joffrey Ballet. by 1962, this company featured Alvin Ailey, one of the best known modern choreographers of his time, on a performance and went on an international tour such as to the Russia back in 1963, something that was made possible to the company’s gracious benefactor, Rebekah Harkness. The company was initially known as the Robert Joffrey Ballet Theatre company but in 1965, its name was changed to what it was today and by 1966, a smashing season in New York City’s City Center resulted in this company becoming the center’s resident ballet company with Gerald Alpino as the chief choreographer and Robert Joffrey as the art director.
From then on, Joffrey Ballet was a smashing national hit. The sixties and the seventies saw this ballet company soar to new hits with many of the company’s ballets becoming golden hits not only in the US but many parts of the world. These included revivals of Kurt Jooss's The Green Table, Cranko's Pineapple Poll, Ashton's Façade, Fokine's Petrushka and Massine's Le Beau Danube, Le Tricorne and Parade.  
In 1995, Joffrey Ballet moved from New York City to Chicago which has been its home since then. Today, it has over forty dances and has a regular yearly season that runs from October to May. This season takes place at the Roosevelt University in Chicago’s Auditorium Theatre and the company also goes on tour in the US and internationally. Each year, the company performs a number of contemporary and classic ballets; The Nutcracker is an annual performance that takes place each December. This company has also been featured in a mega hit movie, 2001’s Save the Last Dance. Thus, for some of the most sensational ballet performances in the US and the entire world, simply get hold of Joffrey Ballet tickets and go watch any of their ballet performances, live.