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Hubbard & Lines Hubbard Street Dance musical is a fresh and fantastic experience of neoclassical and contemporary dances that will keep you entertained. You could not have appreciated the relevance and visceral intensity of modern dance until you have seen this wonderful masterpiece. The musical is made up of whimsically unique performances including Blush, Off Screen and Gimmie that truly mesmerizes the fans. The highlight of the evening is called "Kiss" where the dancers attached to the rope add a fluid grace to their movement which allows them to give shape to the emotions that the choreographers had in mind. If you have got a preconceived notion of this musical being similar to the Grease and Nutcracker production, you are wrong. Hubbard & Lines Hubbard Street Dance is an energetic musical that provides a refreshingly unique experience to the theater lovers.

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About Hubbard Lines Hubbard Street Dance

A creation of Hubbard & Lines Hubbard Street Dance Company, Azimuth is a brilliant piece of entertainment that has been directed by Glenn Edgerton and choreographed by King.  The incredible production is a collection of solid numbers broken into nine sections. A total of twenty eight performers from the two companies make the show one-of-a-kind experience in itself. The two companies are simply inseparable because together, they have produced triumphant, polished and exquisite pieces. The talented dancers add life to the spectacular stage when they dance in their flamboyant costumes under the dazzling lighting effects. The props of the dance ensemble are truly impressive and add an alluring feel to the show. The dancers exhibit a great deal of flexibility while making seamless transitions from one step to another. Some of the fan-favorite dancers of the Hubbard Street Dance Company include Cheryl, Franky, Mossimo, Tobin and Penny. You will be astonished to see Kellie Epperheimer inverted in the air effortlessly by Jonathan Fredrickson. The way dancers respond to the music and interact with one another will keep you hooked to the show. 

Watching the beautiful dancers spin and float across the stage like angels is an incredible experience, so do not forget to attend the musical. The striking dance performances create amazing visual and emotional images that will sink and remain in your mind and heart for a long time. You will be delighted to see the dance ensemble making transitions into a variety of grouping and partnering arrangements in different sections.  These impeccable dance moves that are athletic and aesthetically choreographed will stick to your mind and heart . The dramatically breathtaking pieces lighten up your mood and lift your spirits because the beautiful dancers keep their energy up from beginning till the end and you would not have a single boring moment. Even if you have watched the musical a hundred times before, you would want to go again because the creators come up with new stuff every time you watch the show.

The Harris Theater production has received acclaim by fans and critics alike because it has successfully instilled a truly magical feel in the show and attracts crowds in huge numbers.  The Hubbard & Lines Hubbard Street Dance musical is bound to take your breath away because it is full of fresh, edgy and beautiful recitals. If you have never had a chance to watch this musical before, then book your share of Hubbard & Lines Hubbard Street Dance tickets now. You do not have to worry about the price because cheap Hubbard & Lines Hubbard Street Dance tickets are also available for your comfort and convenience. Grab them fast before they finish. The feel-good musical is a must-watch because it is bound to inspire and intrigue you to no end.

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