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The Houston Ballet Peter Pan musical is a dazzling retelling of the classic Peter Pan tale that is authored by the Scottish novelist and playwright, J. M. Barrie. The classic children’s play is packed with a plethora of dance performances, rollicking action and a superb cast that children love to watch. The production is ready to grace the stage of the Houston Ballet which is the fifth largest professional ballet company of the US. The Houston Ballet Foundation runs this phenomenal ballet company and the Ben Stevenson Academy which trains a dozen dancers of the ballet company. In total, the Houston Ballet has under its belt fifty one professional dancers who deliver more than seventy five performances every year. The New York Times calls the Houston Ballet as “one of the nation’s best ballet companies.”

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The Houston Ballet Peter Pan musical is a tribute to the power of good storytelling that one cannot afford to miss. Children love to watch the incredible and never ageing character of Peter Pan who flies around the small island of Never Land as the leader of his gang and also meets the fairies, pirates, mermaids and ordinary children from other regions of the world.  A wave of nostalgia may rush through your mind because the musical takes many people back in time when Peter Pan played on television with Mary Martin almost every year closer to the Easter.  
Cathy Rigby as Peter Pan headlines an amazingly inspirational show which is followed by the terrifically strong voices and the aesthetic and athletic abilities of the entire cast. She brings exuberance and joy to the role of Peter Pan by delivering a spellbinding performance. It is nice to see her flying all around the stage and the audience while throwing her magic pixie dust.  Rigby was formerly a gymnast who had been inducted into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame due to her exceptional performances. She has also received the title of America's Most Influential Women in Sports during her career with ABC Sports. The brilliant gymnast has now turned into a Broadway actress and has played the lead role of the classic Peter Pan production. She has got to her credit the National Broadway Theatre Award, Distinguished Lifetime Service Award and the Ovation Lifetime Achievement Award.  
The Houston Ballet Peter Pan musical has a wonderful cast, amazing songs, athletic dances, vibrant costumes and incredible sets which together provide a larger-than-life experience to the audience. The character keeps the senses of children and adults engaged from beginning till the end of the magical production. You would love to hear the drum music when the lost boys are united with the Indian tribe. The Houston Ballet especially employs top talent that keeps the eyes of audience glued on the stage. Cathy Rigby and the supporting cast have done an amazing job to bring a new incarnation of the classic story. You would be intrigued by the way dancers spin and float across the stage.
The Houston Ballet Peter Pan musical is a fantastic family friendly show that is just as wonderful today as it was fifteen years ago, so you should not forget to attend it. The musical would not let your mind wander elsewhere and you would love every minute of this wonderful masterpiece. You might have watched the Peter Pan play on television but remember, it is even more fun to watch in the theater. The Houston Ballet Peter Pan tickets give you an amazing opportunity to follow the adventures of Peter, Tinkerbell, Michael, Wendy and John from the Darling home in London to the magical Never Land. The Houston natives have a reason to celebrate because cheap Houston Ballet Peter Pan tickets are out on sale, so you must pick your deals as soon as possible.