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 The extremely delicious Hot Chocolate Nutcracker is the latest Debbie Allen production to hit America, a production that is bound to become as marvelous as the classics, and even as popular as the classic The Nutcracker. This awesome new show is a breeze of fresh air that will hit American venues this holiday season and has already been shown at some venues all over the US. Many of the people who have had a chance to watch this fabulous production live have had nothing but praise for an exquisite adaption of The Nutcracker at its very finest. Thus, if you are looking for a show to watch with your kids, this is your best option, a show that is both for kids and for adults. It can be easily watched live through Hot Chocolate Nutcracker tickets.

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Hot Chocolate Nutcracker

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Chocolate Nutcracker Topeka Performing Arts Center Topeka Saturday
11/25/2017 7:00 PM
Chocolate Nutcracker Topeka Performing Arts Center Topeka Sunday
11/26/2017 3:00 PM

About Hot Chocolate Nutcracker

This sensational mindblowing production is The Nutcracker written anew and presented in a very different manner. This production even has the potential to overtake the original The Nutcracker in a manner that has never seen before. It is a unique view and American traditions and introduces characters who are lively as well as fresh. There is new and old music in it; by the likes of Mariah Carey. There is a ton of dancing in this Debbie Allen production. The Hot Chocolate Nutcracker even starts about at the same time as the original but from then on, it is a different story that is even more fun and lively than the original.
The Hot Chocolate Nutcracker starts out at the Johnson Family’s home and the time is Christmas Eve. During this time, the entire Johnson Family alongside their neighbors and friends are having a big party in celebration of the day after which the gifts are then given out and shared. The story follows our main character, Kara, who gets a tasty Nutcracker filled top to bottom with Hot Chocolate, her all time favorite. She eats this Nutcracker and is filled with happiness, going to sleep. However, as soon as Kara goes to sleep, the story starts and the Nutcracker is brought alive.
From then onwards starts a journey that takes Kara to many places. These include both magical and actual places. Some of the places Kara visits are Candy Cane Lane, the Rainforrest, Egypt, Jazzland, Russia and China, the Land of the Kimono Dolls. The story itself is told by three mice, all of them cracking jokes and other nuances as the production plays on. These mice are known as Harvey, Buckey and Schmink. This whole production was created by the renowned Debbie Allen, a person who is renowned in the entertainment industry.
The Hot Chocolate Nutcracker is a Debbie Allen production and is performed by her Debbie Allen Dance Academy. This show debuted back in 2010 in the December holiday season and has seen many runs since then. Debbie Allen herself is a director, choreographer, actress, dancer and producer. She has worked on film, TV and for live productions like the Hot Chocolate Nutcracker. All in all, this awesome show promises to be a fascinating story, something both kids and adults will fall in love with instantly. It can be watched live, easily, through Hot Chocolate Nutcracker tickets.
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