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The WWE Supershow Tucson live wrestling event is one of the best in pro wrestling. It is usually a five hour long live event which many enjoy live via WWE Supershow Tucson tickets that features shows from all of WWE’s brands including Raw, Smackdown! and WWE NXT, formerly ECW. It is a huge show that allows people to watch stars from all the brands live, something that does not happen with live shows of one brand only. WWE NXT is the newest brand and replaced ECW in 2010. It has seen six seasons and one hundred and twenty one episodes since its debut. It is a unique idea because it contains a mix between reality TV and pro wrestling with the show following talent contracted by WWE for its Florida Championship Wrestling competition to go on to become the next WWE star. Wrestlers from Raw and Smackdown are involved in WWE NXT.

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The WWE Supershow Tucson live event features WWE Raw as well with stars such as Triple H and John Cena appearing live in matches. It also features WWE Smackdown with its legends such as The Undertaker appearing live. The WWE Supershow is therefore all of the WWE in one place at one time in an event that few fans of wrestling would want to miss and would definitely want to see live through cheap WWE Supershow Tucson tickets.