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Professional wrestling has been a mainstay of American entertainment and pop-culture for decades now. And no name has ever been, as well-known as the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Having started as a professional wrestling promotion company in the early 1950s, the organization has since grown into an entertainment and media empire, with interests even stretching as far as film and music, among other things; all stemming from its flagship product of professional wrestling entertainment.

About Wwe Survivor Series

The favorite of wrestling fans all over America and the world, WWE is the biggest and most recognizable professional wrestling brand in the world. It has upwards of tens of millions of viewers in America alone and is broadcast in numerous languages in well over a hundred countries. The WWE hosts many types of live professional wrestling events and matches and simultaneously broadcasts them in the form of televised pay-per-view events that can be viewed anywhere. Among these are the Raw and SmackDown brands.
The main component of all WWE events is undoubtedly the live wrestling matches. Nothing can be more exciting than watching two opponents, demonstrating their skill and fighting prowess in a raw, no-holds-barred match in a singular ring. The WWE experience is completed with unpredictable outcomes, visceral thrill and stunning showmanship. Wrestlers are surrounded by thousands of spectators, cheering and screaming from the stands for their favorite contender. No live wrestling event provides this kind of experience better than the annual WWE Survivor Series, which is why WWE Survivor Series tickets are in high demand every year, wherever the event is held.
Starting its run in 1987, the WWE Survivor Series is considered to be one of the iconic “big four” of WWE’s events and is among the original line-up of its pay-per-view events. This makes it second-longest running event of the WWE’s portfolio, after WrestleMania. It isone of the most popular events among professional wrestling fans all over America and the world.
The basic format of the WWE Survivor Series is to pit two teams – each with four to six wrestlers – against each other in a massive tag-team elimination match. The winner is determined by whoever remains in the ring till the very end of the match, usually by way of submission. There are variations to this general format, such as the infamous but rare The Cell of Hell, which is a tag-team elimination match in which the ring is covered on all sides by a large roofed steel cage. Other instances have included the Casket match in which one wrestler has to pin his opponent and nail him inside a coffin.
The WWE Survivor Series is a diverse event that offers lots of excitement for anyone who likes action-packed live entertainment. And those who consider themselves major wrestling fanatics can now get cheap WWE Survivor Series tickets and watch their favorite Superstars go head-to-head in matches that are edgy, thrilling and just plain fun.