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It has been a long time since Gladiators in ancient Rome would walk down to the center of the Coliseum and fight each other to the death. People would come from far and wide to enjoy these brutal fights and it developed in to the most popular form of entertainment at that time. However, humans have moved on from these barbaric customs, even though the inherent desire to see two accomplished fighters fight each other on level ground still exists within us. To satiate that hunger, mixed martial arts (MMA) was born and subsequently the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was initiated.

About Ufc


The UFC is a promotional company for mixed martial arts and in the last few years has been gaining ground all over the world with more and more people getting interested in this unique style of fighting. Each competitor has to go through a tough test as UFC pushes their fighters to the absolute limit. Each one of them has to be in their prime state of fitness and stamina as contests can be physically gruelling. You can be part of this amazing experience as well. Just get your UFC tickets and enjoy watching some of the best fighters in the world, under one roof.


The company took its start in 1993 when Art Davie came up with the idea to organize an eight-man single-elimination tournament called "War of the Worlds". He pitched his idea to John Milius, a screenwriter and Rorion Gracie, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor. Gracie had some experience in MMA, when he made a series of videos on the subject and this gave Art the idea to take this tournament to the television. Milius agreed to become the creative head and Davie became head of operations as they set up a company called WOW Promotions, for the development of the original concept.


The same year they got a group of investors together to finance their new project and started looking for a television partner to broadcast their show. After being turned down by a few companies in the start, the Semaphore Entertainment Group (SEG) finally agreed to sign a deal with WOW promotions. They also provided the name for the show and were the first to think of “The Ultimate Fighting Championship” title. Video art director Jason Cusson was brought in to design the ring that would be used for the fights. He was the one to come up with the iconic Octagon shaped ring style that has become one of the mainstays of the whole UFC event.


The first UFC fight took place at the McNichols Sports Arena in Denver, Colorado in November 1993. The telecast featured fighters from various disciplines including kick boxing, karate, wrestling and shootfighting etc. The first event was won by Rorion Gracie’s younger brother, Royce Gracie, who was also an accomplished Jiu Jitsu fighter and who went on to win three of the first four UFC contests. The first show proved to be very successful, receiving over eighty thousand subscribers by the end of the transmission.  


In its beginning period, UFC had no set of rules as it was meant to be a one off event. However, the success and popularity of the show prompted the producers to keep on making episodes, which would later turn in to a full blown television broadcast.


UFC has come a long way from its early roots. Over thirty rules have been introduced to as along with nine weight divisions. While the styles of fighting used are diverse, the use of mixed martial arts has increased as fighters take the best skills possible from each style to create the ultimate fighting technique.  UFC has also increased their fan base as the show is now televised in over a hundred and fifty countries around the world and matches have been held in Canada and Britain as well. You can be part of this experience too, if you want. Just get your cheap UFC tickets and enjoy watching as these professionals show you how it’s done.


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