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For an action lover, more is less. And for more action, the marvelous Ultimate Fighting Championship brought another big hit, UFC 143. The event has gained tremendous popularity over the years and has come up to the level of the biggest fighting events in the world. These events have a fan following which comprises of old and young alike and which keeps on growing every year. Fans like UFC 143 for more than one reasons. The event has provided them with a chance of a unique fighting entertainment which they seemed to be in much need for. And so is the reason why UFC 143 tickets have high sales and huge fan attendance.

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And to the much delight of all the action-hungry fans, UFC 143 is bringing yet another exquisite fighting event, UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit. This fight which is scheduled for February 2012 will bring together the tow mighty champs, Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit. The event was scheduled between Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz initially where St-Pierre had to defend his championship of Welterweight against Nick Diaz. The schedule was changed as St-Pierre received a serious injury and so he had to withdraw from the fight and brought Carlos Condit to come up against Nick Diaz. Condit was scheduled to fight against Josh Koscheck but the changed schedule has now brought Koscheck against Mike Pierce.
The interim Welterweight Championship bout, which is going to bring Diaz and Condit together, will also witness Josh Koscheck against Mike Pierce and Dustin Prior against TBA in Welterweight bout and Featherweight bout respectively. UFC 143 tickets are the ultimate entertainment tickets for anyone wanting to have a rush of adrenaline. The ambience and the heat at the venue is all what adds to make this an amazing experience for fans.  
An entertainment experience gets even more fun if fans can watch it with a lesser burden on their pockets and now they can get just the thing with cheap UFC 143 tickets from our website. With lesser to spend on the tickets, there is more to look forward to in a UFC 143 events. This big event is gaining a lot of attention as soon as it is announced as every fan is anticipating the fight that will follow Diaz and Condit face to face.  
Buy UFC 143 tickets from our website to enjoy the upcoming mighty encounter of fighting champions and that too, at lower rates. Look for deals elsewhere but we assure you that you will be coming back to our website to buy UFC 143 tickets. Fans who have witnessed any such previous event will sure be making their way to Mandalay Bay Events Center and people who are going to have a first should be assured that this will be an event like no other. Fans have an opportunity to be a part of this amazing event and they should make the best of it. This certainly will be an event to blow off your mind!

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