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It all started with a cause started by notable tennis stars in the 1960s who took upon revamping the unused arenas around the country and playing tennis matches there. Some of these notable players included Frank Sedgman, Pancho Segura, Butch Buchholz and Jack Kramer. Among these, Buchholz was a part of Association of Tennis Professionals as its executive director. Apart from that, Buchholz was among the most talented and victorious tennis players, one the “Handsome Eight”. As the executive director, he presented the idea of holding a two week tennis tournament to the vice president of the Thomas J. Lipton Company. The company agreed to sponsor the tournament for five years and so began the journey of one of the biggest tennis tournaments which continues with Sony Ericsson Open Session 1 tickets as a hot commodity to the present day.

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The new tournament started with the name of “Winter Wimbledon” and became a major tennis sensation of the year as even the Australian Open came later in the year. This whole tennis extravaganza originated in Miami and was held in Delray Beach at the Laver’s International Tennis Resort. Open Session was the first two week tournament to be held in a period of 56 years and the prize money of this tournament was announced to be 1.8 million USD. This first event was a success with an attendance of more than 125,000 people which was the biggest crowd in all of Florida for any tennis or golf event. Next Open Session tournament was held in 1986 in Boca Raton, Florida with even a bigger attendance than last year.
The search for a permanent arena for Open Session ended in 1987 when Crandon Park, Miami was decided as the venue. The venue witnessed a sell out for the first time in 1992 and another, even bigger, attendance record was held in 1996 and it became a habitual feature for the Sony Ericsson Open Session 1. The venue is a fully facilitated, state of the art arena which has the capacity to seat as many people as they want to come. The venue has seen so many golden tennis memories which are encrusted in the tennis court. Champions were formed in Crandon Park who became shining stars of the Open Session.  
Passion of the players, thrill of the game and anticipation of the audience, this is what makes Sony Ericsson Open Session 1 an exciting tennis tournament and Sony Ericsson Open Session 1 tickets the keys to enjoy the event. This tennis tournament has been the source of ultimate tennis entertainment for all the tennis fans that fly in to the city to attend it live. Following a tournament is a fun activity in itself and gives an opportunity to all the hard core tennis fans to satisfy their appetites for quality sport. And when it is as amazing as Open Session, the experience gets even better. And so is the reasons why Sony Ericsson Open Session 1 tickets are always in a growing demand every year.  
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