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BNP Paribas Open is a yearly tennis tournament under the sponsorship of BNP Paribas, and is held in California’s Indian Wells. The tournament is held separately for men and women, where men’s tour is categorized as a Masters thousand event, while women’s tour is a Mandatory Premier event. From 1974 through 1990, the event was a huge tournament arranged by Grand Prix Tennis Tour alongside being part of the awaited Grand Prix Championship Series. Held in March, the event is part of a couple of tours that feature a main draw extending over eight days. The main draw for women begins on a Wednesday, while men’s draw begins on a Thursday. The finals of both the tournaments take place on a Sunday of the very next week. The draws of main singles include as many as ninety-six players in an incredible grid comprising of a hundred and twenty-eight players, with thirty-two seeded players. BNP Paribas Open tickets are supposed to be a sought-after treat among tennis fans in downtown Los Angles as well as in its close by regions.

About Bnp Paribas Open

BNP Paribas Open games for men were previously known by the titles American Airlines Tennis Games between 1974 and 1978, Congoleum Classics during 1979 and 1980 as well as 1982 and 1984, Grand Marnier ATP Tennis Games in 1981, Pilot Pen Classics from 1985 to 1987, Newsweek Champions Cup from 1988 to 1999, Indian Wells Tennis Masters Series from 2000 to 2001 and Pacific Life Open from 2002 to 2008. The women’s games have been held a week prior to the men’s events. By 1996, the championship had become one among the few completely combined events from both, the Women’s Tennis Association tours as well as Association of Tennis Professionals. Recently, the tournament has made it much bigger than ever before, with ninety-six best professional players participating in women and men’s main draws. Some of the men’s champions include Roger Federer, Jimmy Connors, Michael Chang, while women’s champions include Lisa Raymond, Sania Mirza and Liezel Huber. 

BNP Paribas Open tournament is famous for being played on traditional hard courts, and is recognized for having the highest attendance among tennis tournaments outside the renowned Grand Slam tournaments, with more than three hundred and seventy thousand visitors attending the event. The event takes place at India Wells Tennis Garden, which is the second most enormous tennis stadium of the world with a seating capacity of more than sixteen thousand. Indian Wells is located in the Palm Springs area, in the Coachella Valley, where it was constructed in 2000, and has twenty tennis courts, a main stadium as well as two smaller stadiums. The prize for men’s tournament is more than three million dollars, while that for women has been recorded to be more than four-and-a-half million dollars. This tournament presents a series of tennis games you do not want to miss, so hurry and grab some cheap BNP Paribas Open tickets and be there to watch some exciting games.

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