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Over the recent years, professional golf has become one of the largely admired sports in the UK. It’s incontrovertibly considered one the most prestigious sports ever. Amongst the four major professional golf championships played, British Open commonly known as The Open Champion ship is the highly renowned one. The event is organized by the R&A; which is the authority responsible for managing professional golf in the UK.

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About British Open

R&A was established in 1754 and it works in association with a variety of professional golf organizations based in around a hundred countries. The organization provides brilliant golf players around the world with an opportunity to display their talent.  They also hold various rounds across the UK for selecting the best players for the tournament. The Open Championship originally initiated in 1860 in Scotland.

The foremost championship comprised of only eight players, Willie Park Senior was the winner of this opening tournament. Willie was then known as one of the most celebrated players of professional golf and later on his son, Willie, Jr. continued the legacy by winning the Open Championship in 1889. In the early period, the winner of the championship was honored with a championship belt only; however, in 1863 a prize money award was also introduced for the winner. The initial amount of prize money awarded was merely £10 which significantly rose to £720,000 in 2004. Along with the prize money, the champion is also awarded a Claret Jug, which is the official championship trophy for the tournament. The prize money awarded for 2010’s tournament was as high as £4.8 million.

The tournament was only played at the Prestwick Golf Club till 1870; however, now it is held in different link courses every year. The Open Championship has gained massive recognition amongst the golf fans, which idealize this championship and wait fervently to attend the tournament every year. A few of the great golfers to have played for this championship comprise of Jack William Nicklaus. Nicklaus remained an eminent name in the British Open Championships; he was also one of the youngest players to have won the Open Championship at the age of 26. In 2005, the dynamic player finally played his farewell tournament. When speaking of the legendary winners, Tiger Woods is another eminent figure worth mentioning for his victories in the British Open Championships. The player due to his refined golf skills is regarded as world’s number one and most expensive golf player. The Open championship in 1995 became formally associated with the PGA tour as well.

The latest championship held in 2010 was won by Louis Oosthuizen in 2010, it was played at the St Andrews golf course. The other major championships in the professional golf comprise of; U.S Open Championship and Masters Tournament. All these championships are largely popular amongst the golf buffs. However, the British Open Championship has its own enchanting thrill and is considered highly significant across the country. Exclusive media coverage is also given to the Open Championship by the channels like BBC and ESPN.

Audiences in large numbers flee to the stadiums and mostly the championship tickets sell extremely quickly. Due to the increasing craze of golf amongst the upcoming sport maniacs, the British Open Championship is likely to gain further fame across the globe. So, if you wish to applaud for the much skilled players coming together in a fierce game together, then do not miss out on this tremendous opportunity and grab your British Open tickets as soon as possible! We sell the most genuine tickets at amazingly cheap rates so ensure that you place your order timely to benefit from this great offer.

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