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The energetic Chicago Bulls are back, so get ready for some unforgettable live games by your favorite basketball players. The team has won six championship series and earned an NBA record of winning more than seventy games in a single season. These championships are ranked third on the NBA records, the first two being the Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics respectively. The 1998 NBA Finals has recorded greatest viewership of the series in NBA history.

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About Preseason Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls is a professional basketball team which hails from the city of Chicago, Illinois. The team was founded in 1966 which belongs to National Basketball Association. It continued to play home games at International Amphitheatre between1966-1967. From 1967-1994, Chicago Stadium served as its home arena but from 1994 to date, the team has been playing at United Center. In 2011, the team earned approximately $59 million of operating income and enjoys a reputation of being the second most profitable franchise of NBA. With these unparalleled achievements on hand, make sure you buy Chicago Bulls tickets today to watch the amazing Bulls playing live right in front of your eyes!
The logo of this iconic team comprises of an angry red bull face whose horns are stained with blood. Chicago Bulls is written on top of the bull’s head. Black, white and red hues are combined to create the team’s logo and the uniforms. The red and white uniforms share nearly identical designs while the black set is a little different. The word ‘Bulls’ engraved on the front end of red and white shirts is replaced by the word ‘Chicago’ on black shirt. The diamond shaped Bulls logo is imprinted on both sides of the shorts.
Since its inception, the team had never been able to reach finals until it injected new talent into the team. This talent came in the form of Michael Jordan who served the team from 1984-1993 and laid down some of the biggest numbers in NBA history. For accomplishing some of the unprecedented feats for the team, he won the NBA Most Valuable Player Award. You can witness this much anticipated sports event live by booking cheap Chicago Bulls tickets today.
Derrick Rose is the only other Chicago Bulls player who has joined Jordan to win the honor of NBA Most Valuable Player Award. This Chicago native transformed the fortune of the team when it won the NBA Draft Lottery in2008. In the same year, Rose was chosen as the number one draft pick by the Bulls team. Unfortunately, during the NBA season (2011–2012), Rose could not make fruitful contribution to the team’s success due to a bad injury. However, the iconic players were successfully able to hit a 50-16 record and managed to earn best overall record in the NBA. To capture the real essence of the show, you need to book Chicago Bulls tickets immediately for a live performance of these sporty stars.

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