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One of the oldest sports in the world that can be traced back to the original Olympic games is track and field, a sport that has come a long way to take a prominent place in athletics today. The sport includes a number of competitions in running, jumping and throwing. Track and Field is one of the few sports that includes several different events and tests the overall stamina and agility of a player. The sheer amount of strength, skill and determination it takes to win a single track and field event makes it one of the toughest and most intense sports around. The US Open Track and Field championships include some of the best players in the sport, going to their very limits as they battle it out for supremacy. This type of action-packed event offers some of the best sports action around. Make sure you don’t miss out on this exciting competition and get your US Open Track and Field tickets today!

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About US Open Track and Field

While track and field is one of the oldest sports known to mankind, it didn’t reach the sort of fame associated with baseball and basketball till the 1980s. The sport gained a lot of exposure and appeal through the Pan American and Commonwealth games. Competitions between the United States and the Soviet Union further sparked an interest in the game. Advanced training methods, better equipment and the development and application of sports science enabled new players to break long-standing records and all the media attention made track and field even more popular in the country. Initially, the sport included sprints, middle-distance and long-distance races. As track and field further developed, several new competitions were added, such as hurdles of varying lengths, relay races, long and high jumps, triple jumps, and pole vaults. Different length races were introduced in the middle-distance and long-distance categories and ‘throws’ including javelin and hammer throws, discus throws and shot puts were also included in competitions.

Participants in US Open Track and Field competitions are judged on the fastest time in races, and on the distance covered in jumps and throws. The upcoming US Open Track and Field event will allow you to catch some of the nation’s top track and field athletes in action. These include stars like Mike Rodgers, Jeff Demps, Duane Solomon and Galen Rupp in the men’s categories and Myasia Jacobs, Shayla Mahan, Jessica Beard, Kellie Wells and Neely Spence in the women’s events. These fabulous players are guaranteed to bring a whole new level of thrilling action to the track and will not disappoint! All in all, the upcoming US Open Track and Field competition promises to be full of excitement – make sure you don’t miss out on this great event and get your US Open Track and Field tickets today! Fans are already buying these tickets by the dozen and they won’t last forever. So what are you waiting for? Check out our great deals on US Open Track and Field tickets and get some for your family and friends too!
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