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AMA Supercross season is starting so it is time to see some fantastically thrilling risky action. Yes, watch the daring motorcyclists perform their intricate maneuvers and dangerous jumps over obstacles. Get your AMA Supercross tickets and prepare yourself to be utterly amazed by the motorcycle riding of your favorite stars. Cheap AMA Supercross tickets are available so enjoy this extremely fascinating sports live. You may have watched it on television but nothing can beat the invigoration felt while watching it happening right in front of you.

About Ama Supercross

AMA Supercross is arranged by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), an organization established in 1924 that not only strives to protect the rights of motorcyclists but also promotes motorcycle riding by holding several entertaining events all around the year such as AMA Motocross Championship, AMA American Superbike Championship, AMA Hillclimb, AMA Supercross, AMA Supersport Championship, etc.  AMA Supercross is a special race testing not just the speed of the motorcyclists but also their dexterity in handling the bike. The race is usually conducted in man-made, dirt tracks with several obstacles and steep jumps; it is mostly held in baseball and football stadiums to cater to the comfort of a large number of spectators.
AMA Supercross consists of three electrifying tournaments: Supercross Class, Supercross Lites West Class, and Supercross Lites East Class that are arranged from December to May. The most prestigious of the three championships is the Supercross Class Championship, previously known as the 250cc Championship, and winning this high-profile tournament is the ultimate goal of all motorcyclists. With 17 rounds in this championship along with the eight rounds each in the Lites Class Championships, motorcycle fans have ample opportunity to view these amazing events live.
 Each of the AMA Supercross Championships has two exciting Heat races where the best motorcyclists in their class come out to display their daring moves on the bike. The top 9 riders are selected from each class for the Main Event. Moreover, the top 9 riders of the AMA Supercross Lites West Class Championship and the AMA Supercross Lites East Class collide in another thrilling face-off called the East-West Shootout. All the riders who don’t make it in the Heat races are given another chance in the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) to qualify for the Main Event and the Shootout event in the case of the two Lites Classes.
AMA is the largest organization in the world that caters to motorsports and its events like AMA Supercross are a must watch so people glue to their screens while they are being aired on television; however, the true enjoyment comes from watching them live when you don’t miss a single second of the action. Get your AMA Supercross tickets for any of the exciting events and have an exhilarating time with your family. This will be a very economical treat as we have cheap AMA Supercross tickets available so don’t miss this amazing opportunity.

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