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The Belmont Stakes are a Grade I horse race held annually in New York, and are the final event in the US Triple Crown. The 1.5 mile race attracts a larger audience and more TV viewers than most other races, and is easily comparable to the Kentucky Derby. The origins of this race can be traced as far back as 1866, and was first arranged by August Belmont. In 1931, the race was included as the final attraction of the Triple Crown races. The Belmont Stakes is widely known as ‘The Test of Champions’ for it attracts the top thoroughbred horses from around the country. Among the traditions of the Belmont Stakes are a specially designed silver trophy for the winner and a blanket of white carnations which is draped over the winning horse.

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If you are a horse racing fan, the Belmont Stakes is an event that must not be missed. This race is one of the few where you can see the best horses pitted against each other, and performing at their peak in order to clinch victory. This time around, horses such as ‘Stay Thirsty’, ‘Ruler on Ice’, ‘Santiva’, ‘Nehro’ and ‘Brilliant Speed’ are among the top contenders for the title, and will be struggling very hard for victory, making the race even more exciting. Belmont Stakes tickets are available here at the lowest rates – you wont find them anywhere for these low prices. These tickets won’t last forever, so hurry up and get your Belmont Stakes tickets before they run out!

Of the many exciting horse races that take place each year in the US, the 2014 Belmont Stakes is perhaps one of the most eagerly awaited, in so far as thoroughbred horse races are concerned. This exciting equestrian event takes place at the Belmont Park and was first held way back in 1867. Today, it is over one hundred and forty seven years old and thus one of the oldest such events. It is also one of the most prestigious and most attended horse races on the annual calendar. Book your Belmont Stakes tickets and catch the best jockeys and horses in one of the most famous races in the world live.


The 2015 Belmont Stakes, just like its predecessors, is a grade I stakes thoroughbred horse race, that will cover a distance of one and a half miles or twelve furlongs. The legendary horse, Secretariat, holds the record for the fastest run which stands at two minutes and twenty four seconds, The record was created back in 1973 and it hasn’t been broken since then broken by no other thoroughbred horse. The track itself is a dirt filled, left–handed track and only three year old horses are allowed to race. For a colt or gelding, the average weight is roughly one hundred and twenty six pounds, and one hundred and twenty one pounds for a filly. The purse, one of the largest in the US, is worth one and a half million dollars, of which eight hundred thousand goes to the winner.


The  Belmont Stakes is dubbed The Test of the Champion and this year’s edition will also  be the final and third leg of the US Triple Crown as it will be held several weeks after the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, the other two events in the US Triple Crown. In terms of attendance, the event ranked fourth overall in US and Canada, passed only by the Preakness Stakes, the Kentucky Derby and the Kentucky Oaks. In 2004, the event drew nearly twenty two million viewers on TV and holds the record for the highest household viewing since 1977. The US Triple Crown was won by the Seattle Slew.


The Belmont Stakes have a long and rich history behind it. The very first edition of the race was held at the Jerome Park Race track back in 1866. It was organized by stock market speculator Leonard Jerome and sponsored by August Belmont Sr, after whom the race is also named. It was held at the Jerome Park for many years until it moved to the Morris Park Racecourse, a nearby venue, in 1890.


It was held at the Racecourse until 1905 when the new Belmont Park opened in Elmont, New York. This four hundred and thirty acres large racetrack on Long Island and just outside Queens became the Belmont Stakes new home. Due to New York's anti–gambling legislation, the race was not held in 1911 and 1912 but continued thereafter. From its founding until 1921, the event was held in the clockwise style of English racing, but then changed to the counter–clockwise American direction. The winner of this grade I thoroughbred horse race also goes home with one of the most prestigious trophies in the US, the August Belmont Trophy.


Legendary horse Secretariat holds the record for the fastest win, as well as the record for the victory margin at thirty one lengths. Eddie Arcaro and Jim McLaughlin hold the record for the most wins by a jockey, at six each, with Earl Sande and Bill Shoemaker following them with five wins each. James G Rowe Sr holds the record for the most wins by a trainer, at eight, followed by Sam Hildreth with seven wins and Jim Fitzsimmons with six. Woody Stephens is one place behind with five wins, all of which were won in five consecutive years.


Belair Stud is the owner with the most wins, at six, as is James R Keene. The Dwyers Brothers Stables comes second, at five wins, with August Belmont Jr, Harry P Whitney, Glen Riddle Farm and Greentree Stable each having four triumphs against their names. James G Rowe Sr and George M Odom are the only people to have won the Stakes as trainer and jockey. This year's event will mark the one hundred and forty sixth episode of the race and will feature famous horse California Chrome competing in the US Triple Crown's third leg, after winning the 2014 Preakness Stakes and the 2014 Kentucky Derby. It will be another exciting race, so book your 2015 Belmont Stakes tickets and catch all the action live.

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