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Rhode Island College is based in Mount Pleasant, Providence and was founded in 1854 as an institute for preparing teachers. In 1933, the college introduced a number of athletic programs which were an instant hit among students. The teams came to be known as the Rhode Island College Anchormen and are part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, playing under the Little East Conference. The college has played special attention to the development of sports facilities on campus in order to ensure that students have solid venues in order to enjoy athletic activities. State-of-the-art facilities, combined with a highly experienced and dedicated coaching staff have turned the Rhode Island College Anchormen into world class athletes. If you want to catch some of the best players in the region in action, you should get your Rhode Island College Anchormen tickets now.

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About Rhode Island College Anchormen

The Rhode Island College Anchormen maintain an impressive record in the NCAA, and have a number of titles over the years. These include five straight NCAA Tournament titles from 2007-2011, Regular Season Championships in 2005, 2007 and from 2009-2011 and four straight Little East Conference Champion titles from 2007-2011. The Anchormen have also received Sweet 16 titles in 2010 and 2011, and an Elite Eight title in 2007. They have maintained a 20-win record for four straight seasons, and have had seven consecutive victories this year. The team, led by head coach Bob Walsh and assistant coaches Chris Burns and Matt Holt has become a major force in the world of college athletics and is set to continue its upward streak in the upcoming games. The region’s top student athletes including Avery King, Tahrike Carter, Basheem Bennett, Mason Choice and Mike Akinrola are among the starting lineup and manage to smoothly outmaneuver their opponents in virtually every game. A couple of new prospects this year include freshmen Chris Burton, Jacob Page and Brandon Hill who are expected to help the Anchormen reach new heights. The Anchormen’s skill is clearly reflected through their ever growing list of amazing accomplishments and one thing is guaranteed – they are not going to let any team stand in their path.

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