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Cotton Bowl: Texas A&M Aggies Tickets are out now for the most anticipated game of the season. With a smooth 10-2 regular season and Johnny Manziel as a quarter back, Aggies are looking forward to win the Cotton Bowl. Manziel is the same Heisman frontrunner who led Aggies to a historic win in their first SEC season when they played against Alabama. Now when 2013 Cotton Bowl is near, their fans are super excited and hopeful to win. This is a big game for the fans of Sooners as well so you can expect the stadium to be jam packed with football enthusiasts. Although not a part of BCS, Cotton Bowl is one of the most prestigious bowls and features some really heated games.

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About Cotton Bowl Texas A M Aggies

Cotton Bowl: Texas A&M Aggies is one of the most talked about games of the season with Oklahoma Sooners on the other side. Both the teams have a strong offense and some of the best players in the league. They will be facing each other in the Cowboys Stadium which is Cotton Bowl's venue since 2010. If some of you think that Cotton Bowl is not going to be as exciting as SEC then you need to catch the game live in the stadium. It's going to have the traditional thrill of any other bowl showdown. Things are looking up for Aggies after a nice finish in the 2012 season. They have performed better than Sooners in the regular season, so fans can expect great things from the team in the upcoming game as well.

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