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The twice monthly podcast ‘Welcome to the Night Vale’ is now coming to your city as a live theater performance. Starring your favorite radio personality, Cecil Baldwin, this upcoming performance will be like no other. The presentation takes on the manner of community updates program, about an imaginary town of Night Vale. The radio podcast according to Boing Boing is “charming, spooky and funny”. Considering the past live performances, the upcoming live show is expected to be even funnier and entertaining than its radio counterpart. To experience this unique performance in person, hurry to grab your Welcome to Night Vale tickets before there are none left in stock.

About Welcome To Night Vale Tickets


The program is about a fictional small desert called, Night vale. The format of the show features news, updates about local weather, mysterious lights in the sky, certain announcements from the secret police of town’s sheriff, cultural events and dark hooded figures with unknowable powers. The incredible stories as narrated by Baldwin give the performance a horror feel and make the live narration of news one of its kind events. The radio show was created by Jeffery Cranor and Joseph Fink. The material of the show is published by Commonplace Books. The main character of the show is named Cecil Gershwin Palmer and is played by Cecil Baldwin. Some guests also appear on the show  at times and play different characters from the storyline as projected by the news. The podcast is aired once every fortnight and primarily contains news, advertisements and announcements from a town located somewhere in Southwestern corner of the country.


The most interesting factor of the show, as explained by Fink, is that in the fictional town, all the conspiracy theories are supposed to be true and what continues from there onwards is built on this idea. The show gives weather reports in the form of a music piece. Each time this piece is by a different and author. The episodes of the radio are among the most downloaded podcasts in the country.


In October 2013, Welcome to Night Vale started performing live shows that have continued into 2014 as a West Coast Tour by the show production. A novel based on the show is also expected to come out in 2015. The horror radio show and now a live narrating performance of a town’s inexplicable news are innovative ideas and have never been performed on such a huge scale before. Every episode brings p a new story exploring some new facet of the town of Night Vale. The live performances of these episodes are expected to present more intriguing and interesting fictional stories that will take the audiences on a ride to the unknown world of mystery and horror.


The repertoire of the program consists of almost fifty  episodes, in addition to several live episodes as well. Some of these renowned episodes that are also expected to be performed as live shows include Condos, The Librarian and The Debate. Each of these revolves around a different story. Condos, for instance, is about everyone, including a scientist, looking to get one of the newly built perfect homes and how they come across the eerie Museum of Forbidden Technologies. The characters are as fascinating as the story and the audiences are never able to guess as to what is coming next. This unpredictability keeps the element of surprise alive and keeps the audiences absorbed in the performances.


Those of you who have already listened to the radio show and might have imagined the creepy characters like the Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your Home and other such characters now have a chance to see them live. Who knows Cecil might be able to call them live on the show? This upcoming show is expected to be an incredible experience that will give you memories for a lifetime. Do not miss this chance of becoming part of a distinctive live theatrical performance. Get your Welcome to Night Vale tickets and prepare to be spooked, charmed and thrilled.